Animated GIFs have mesmerized people for quite some time. At first glance, GIFs would appear to be the opposite of good web content. They have no audio, low picture quality, and play endlessly. But, GIFs have become wildly popular, to the point that they show up just about everywhere: on social media, blog posts, web content, private messages, emails, and more.

GIFs benefit content marketing in a few ways. First, these short animations attract attention from users. Within seconds, they tell a story and bring out emotion. Unlike videos that require a start and stop, GIFs play independently. Users that would have been too lazy or uninterested to hit the play button get to see the GIF. And, with all of the content around it, users can immediately see what the animation is about.

What is Giphy? How Does it Work?

Everyone loves GIFs, but the younger crowds are especially amused. This is exactly why colleges and universities should care about creating GIFs. Fortunately, it’s easy to make these short animations with Giphy’s GIF maker.

Giphy lets you create your own custom GIFs. You can upload a YouTube link or video file that you already have or search from the available library of GIFs. When you’ve found an animation that you like, add a caption and tags. Share your GIF on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any of your other social media channels. This is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to generate engagement.

Why GIFs Make a Great Addition to Your Social Content

Let’s dive into the reasons why higher education should be capturing more attention with Giphy.

  • They are easy on your site. GIFs are treated as regular images, so you don’t need any fancy plug-ins. Because they have small file sizes, you usually don’t have to compress them, though they can be compressed without much distortion.

  • They show personality. Many colleges and universities have been called out for being “too similar” to one another. If you’re tired of sharing the same repurposed content as your competitors, a GIF can help you stand out. It captures the personality of your school and reminds students that behind the name, there is a human.

  • They brighten up your news feed. Higher institutions are often afraid to be too silly on their social profiles for fear that students won’t take them seriously. GIFs are a fantastic way to attract attention and liven up your feed without taking away from your professionalism.

  • They are easy to consume. GIFs pack a lot of punch. They bring out emotion in people, and users aren’t required to do anything to consume the content. With Giphy, you can custom make any GIF of your choice so that it’s not cumbersome.

Now that you know a bit more about creating your own GIFs, why not give it a try? Whether it’s a case of the Mondays, studying for final exams, or pulling an all-nighter, there are plenty of animations to capture the attention of your students!