What would you say makes a successful business marketer?

Of all the things that make you a success as a digital marketer, the number one characteristic of any successful businessperson is adaptability. Nowhere is this more critical than in the field of digital marketing. This is a field that is changing constantly. It is something that changes from one month to the next.

So why is being adaptable so important in a business sense?

To Meet the Needs of Customers

Your target market is changing all the time, and that’s why digital marketing is changing so fast. What you know now may not be relevant six months from now because your target market has moved on. They no longer want what you’re selling. It’s a constant game of cat and mouse, with you trying to find your audience and keep up with them.

If you’re not able to adapt, you’re no longer relevant. You’re no longer giving your audience what they want, and that’s where your competitors can step in and take over. Adaptable marketers gain an average of 10% more sales.

So You’re Sticking with the Rules

Digital marketing isn’t just one of those industries that changes all the time because the people you’re dealing with are changing. It’s changing all the time because of what Google and social media are constantly doing. Marketers that are in the dark when algorithms change are at risk of being penalized.

Think back to when Google Panda first came in. This changed the SEO world for good, and it forced digital marketers to change their approach. Overnight many of the tactics previously used are now illegal. They would get you shot down the search rankings in an instant.

Look at what happened when Facebook changed its social media practices by crippling organic reach. Digital marketers that couldn’t adapt to this would have been wasting their time posting content that was never going to be seen by the people it was aimed at.

Only by being adaptable can you make sure that you’re sticking with the rules.

What about Testing?

Big corporations are known for having branches that are known as ‘skunkworks’. These departments get a budget and they’re able to do what they like. They can experiment, even on ideas that sound completely insane. Adaptable digital marketers are adaptable because they’re not being reactive, they’re being proactive.

The proactive approach involves setting some money aside to try new things. These companies are looking at new avenues and considering how they can make them work.

Adaptable digital marketers are the ones discovering new things. They’re the ones leading the way. These changes don’t just happen they are discovered. If you want to be part of this elite group, you have to be adaptable.

For digital marketers, the most common type of skunkworks is the split testing arm. You will take what you have and put it up against a new idea. Test them both out and see which one comes out on top through A/B testing. This is always happening in conjunction with any regular campaigns you happen to be running.

So How Do You Become Adaptable?

These benefits alone show that you have to be adaptable. You need to have the will to change, but how do you go about doing this in the first place?

The easiest way to look at this is to put it in the same category as open-mindedness. Digital marketers with open minds are not just expecting change they are looking for change. They are the type of people who want to adapt. They look at the most attention grabbing Tweets and they read new guides relating to their field.

You need to develop this type of mind-set. Don’t get comfortable with what you have. Every time you get a little bit of success, you shouldn’t be celebrating. You should be thinking about what you’re going to do to maintain and replicate that success.

Can You Handle Change?

It’s time to take a look at your digital marketing operation and consider whether you are able to deal with change. In the past, how easily were you able to make changes?

Your ability to change translates to the rest of your company. If one part of the company isn’t reacting well to change, the chances are this is happening all throughout your organization. Make an effort to open your mind and try something new. These are the first steps that will enable you to reap the benefits of being adaptable.