People enjoy comedy. They are drawn to it in every aspect of media whether it’s videos, content, images or social media posts. Sites like Funny or Die, The Onion, and of course, YouTube receive millions of hits every year. What is it about seeing or reading something funny in media that makes us happy?

First off, comedy helps us unwind and look at things less seriously. It helps us see the humor in uncomfortable situations, particularly those that we all deal with: long commutes, awnry bosses, poor customer service – you get the idea. People connect with funny media because it taps into their inner joys.

Why does this matter for you? Put simply, humor may be that something your content has been missing.

Content creators are always looking for creative, inventive ways to improve their content marketing strategy and connect with their audience. Adding a bit of laughter to your content is a simple and effective way to accomplish this goal. Yet many marketers struggle with this concept either because their tone is too professional or they worry about offending their readers. Yes, comedy can be a bit sarcastic and offensive at times. How can you find the balance?

To begin, think about some of the goals you want to achieve by adding humor. Making people laugh is obvious, but here are some other points to consider.

  • Create a positive rapport. When you bring out emotion in someone, you automatically leave a mark on them. In this case, it will be showing your audience that you’re not just out to sell products; you also want your customers to have a good time.
  • Show your approachable side. If you carry a tone that is too professional, it could make customers hesitant to contact you for a quote, a consultation or a question about your service. A bit of humor shows that you are laidback and easy to talk to.
  • Attract attention. When you instill a positive feeling in the  viewer, they’ll want to share it with others. Some of the best viral marketing campaigns are those that make you laugh out loud. Plus, you could get some serious media coverage.
  • Add surprise. People soak up a lot of information online, and they don’t remember most of it. By making people laugh or reminding them of their inner child, you give them more than they bargained for.

It does take skill to add humor to your content without being corny or rude, so what are some of the ways that you can start spicing up your marketing strategy without falling into these traps?

The best approach is to start small and see how your audience reacts. They’ll likely appreciate the break from your serious tone, and you’ll get comfortable implementing humor into your marketing. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Create a funny video. Show inventive ways that people can use your product, or hire funny people to endorse your services. This will instill curiosity in viewers and bring more traffic to your site.
  • Tell a story. Comedy will only get your brand so far on its own, but it can be the perfect element when telling a story. It shows a different side of your business and helps customers resonate with your message.
  • Add puns and jokes. Give your readers a bit of a chuckle by using puns or plays on words in your articles and blog posts.
  • Make playful posts. Bring more visibility to your social media content by posting fun facts, sassy slogans and clever titles that stand out in the news feeds.
  • Time and place. Yes, there is a time and place for humor. Even the most seasoned celebrities have taken heat for making jokes that crossed the line.

You don’t need a background in comedy to make your audience laugh. The best you can do is share some amusing, entertaining material that livens up your content and shows your audience that you can – or at least are trying to – be funny.