The Best Ways to Give Back to Your Facebook Fans

Pete Schauer

Marketing Director

A lot of marketers take the time to attract new Facebook fans and followers, but they don’t do anything to nurture the relationship going forward. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s time to take a different approach with your Facebook fans. It’s just as easy for them to hit the “unlike” button as it is to hit the “like” button, so paying attention to your fans goes a long way in maintaining and strengthening your relationship.

Below are some of the best ways to give back to your Facebook fans and show them that you appreciate their loyalty.

Show That You Value Feedback

Fans love when their opinion is requested, heard and valued. Ask for input from your followers wherever you can: when you launch a new product, promote an upcoming event or look to improve a particular service. Create a survey, ask for opinions on shared content or simply throw the question out there and be prepared to get the conversation started.

Offer Promos and Specials

Fans love to be rewarded, especially when that reward has value. Rather than just offering a discount, consider other promotions and specials that all fans can take advantage of, not just those who plan on making a purchase. Free downloadable content or promotional items are great places to start.

Get Connected to the Community

Fans love brands that care about the larger picture. If all you are interested in is selling your own products, you’re going to have trouble connecting with people on a larger scale. Find ways that you can give back to the community, such as by supporting local causes or organizations. With the holidays coming up, you can donate money to a toy drive or purchase winter jackets for a coat drive, allowing your fans to vote on the organizations of their choice.

Feature Your Best Fans

Fans love to be recognized for their loyalty to your brand. They have many choices out there, but they choose your brand because they like your product and believe in your company. Why not feature some of these fans to show them that you appreciate their business? This also works on the marketing side of things because your fans are also your biggest influencers. Ideas include asking fans to upload a photo of themselves, answer a question or contribute a comment. You may then hand pick a winner to be featured.


About the Author: Pete Schauer

Born and raised at the Jersey Shore, Pete Schauer is the Marketing Director at SEMGeeks. He holds a M.A. in Digital Communications from William Paterson University and has 8+ years in the digital space with companies such as Bleacher Report and Social Media Today in addition to SEMGeeks. His background includes creative and professional writing as well as strategic digital marketing communications and management.

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