Higher institutions have a lot to gain from Twitter. The real-time platform instantly connects students, staff, and alumni so that they can engage in discussions and share recent developments. Hundreds, if not thousands, of higher institutions see engagement on Twitter, but some are really rocking it!

If your Twitter page could use a boost, check out a few of the best college accounts to follow and why they’re worth it.

Harvard University

Harvard University has an impressive 830,000 followers. As one of the nation’s most prominent schools, people from all over follow Harvard to keep up to date with the latest trends in education, science, and technology. Many of the posts link back to the university’s website and online newspaper, the Harvard Gazette. With so much fascinating content written on a wide variety of topics, Harvard continues to have a large, growing and engaged audience.

Syracuse University

Syracuse University has managed to grow a loyal following of 73,500 people that they call #OrangeNation. Many of the posts are tagged with things like #4everorange and #IBleedOrange. The page has a true sense of comradery. Most posts are happy, vibrant, and edited with orange backgrounds, borders, and accents to fit the school’s image. This is one page that shines bright with community support.

Purdue University

Like other large colleges and universities, Purdue has several Twitter accounts from different departments. This allows them to answer questions quickly and efficiently while creating a large and engaged following. Their main page – @LifeAtPurdue – is booming with photos and short video clips that promote school spirit. Purdue’s Twitter account also retweets posts from their other accounts so that things don’t feel separate from one another.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

According to Engagement Labs, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has one of the highest ranking Twitter accounts because of their responsiveness. Their quick response times have made for a highly engaging page that is filled with posts from students, staff, and brand ambassadors. Probably the most exciting recent news is that the University of Wisconsin-Madison is now offering free tuition for families that make less than $56,000 a year.

Princeton University

Scrolling through Princeton’s Twitter page, you’ll find a great assortment of professional-looking photos. The university’s posts offer real value to followers, compared to other schools that simply post information about research and recent discoveries. There is a good mix of everything on this page, including sports, student achievements, and campus events for the community.

Twitter doesn’t always get the same appreciation as other social media platforms, but it has over 300 million monthly active users and is one of the largest social networks in the world. Higher institutions have endless opportunities to connect with potential students, engage with current students, and grow a community of loyal followers. Get inspiration for your Twitter page by following the accounts listed above!