If there’s one thing that college students don’t lack these days, it’s information. They may be short on time, money and even some common sense, but the sources of information just keep pouring in. It’s difficult for young adults to sift through all of this information and determine which blogs are well-written and reliable. If they don’t however, they could be left misinformed or uninspired.

Not only is there a ton of content online for college students, but also they are the target of many, many marketing efforts. Because this age group has yet to establish strong ties to certain brands, businesses target them and try to establish these relationships. Also, young adults go through many life-changing events that influence their buying behavior. Again, brands want to be there at the right time, and with the right message.

That said, college students deserve well-researched, accurate information that can help them with things like finding a job, managing their finances and balancing school and work. Let’s take a peek at some of the best types of blogs for college students, as well as examples of blogs that deserve recognition.

“Selecting the Right College” Blogs

The last thing prospective college students need during their research phase is a blog that is biased about a particular school. Students need honest information that helps them pick the right program. Some blogs run by colleges and universities do a nice job of informing students of their options without pushing their school too hard. Yet some schools or individuals have one-sided opinions.

A great place for college students looking for their dream school is the New York Times’ education blog, called The Choice. Although the blog was discontinued several years ago, most of the information remains helpful and current. Readers can find college checklists, virtual guidance office sessions and student posts. Another great website is The College Solution, which helps students find colleges and universities that will give them the most bang for the buck, so to speak.

“Finding the Best Job” Blogs

Eventually, dorm living, partying and study halls will come to an end. The whole point of attending college is landing a great job. And though college students may appear to be living in bliss, the majority do worry about what will happen after they graduate. Will they find a job right away? Will that job pay enough? Will it be in their field?

These are all great questions.

Many blogs have attempted to tackle these questions, but only a few have gotten it right. Lindsey Pollak’s blog is one such example. She calls herself a “Millennial Workplace Expert”(pretty cool title, we must say), and she tackles a lot of career information for both millennials and Gen Xers. Topics include networking, searching for jobs, managing social media sites and worker’s rights.

“Staying Fit in College” Blogs

For the majority of college students, this is the first time in their life that they will be in charge of what they eat. There’s no one to look over their shoulder and remind them to eat their veggies. Traditionally, the college lifestyle and healthy eating did not go hand in hand. The “freshman fifteen” was almost like a college rite. Hectic schedules and late nights also didn’t help.

Today’s college students have more options in terms of healthier foods on campus, but they still need to make the right choices. That’s why many students are open to blogs that have great ideas for fitting diet and exercise into studying, final exams and part-time jobs. One of our favorites is College Dieting, which provides college students with out-of-the-box ideas for staying fit, plus motivation. We also enjoy Her Campus and The College Food Blog.

“Preparing for an Interview” Blogs

Job interviews scare the pants off college students. They know that if they’re lucky enough to get an interview, they can’t blow it. Unfortunately, many students are so nervous about their first interviews, they overthink the whole process and lose confidence.

College students appreciate all the help they can get when preparing for an interview. But they also have a hard time taking advice from adults. They are in that know-it-all phase, after all. That’s why blogs are great. Students can read them at their leisure, and choose a few authors that they feel connected to. The Fast Company Blog has some great tips for just about everything job-related, including technology, design, economics and business innovations.

“Saving or Managing Money When You’re Poor” Blogs

The average college student is spending tens of thousands of dollars a year on an education, but they have nothing in their pockets. They are broke. And they fear that they will be broke for the good majority of their young adult life thanks to college loans. Any blog that offers insightful tips on saving or managing money is attractive to college students. They really need the help – and it’s better coming from financial experts or seasoned pros rather than from their parents.

We love the blog Broke Millennial. It’s penned by a girl who found herself in the position most college students dread when they graduate: broke. She’s learning how to be financially literate and is sharing her experiences as she goes. Other blogs to check out include Making Sense of Cents and Young Adult Money. These blogs are written for the millennial audience and have a strong community following.

College students turn to the internet to get their information, and they’re very trusting of blogs. Fortunately, there are many great columns out there that are well-researched and contain insightful information. These are our future leaders. They deserve the best!