Summer, from a student’s point of view, is intended to be filled with as many low-key days as humanly possible. Right? Well, not exactly.

Many of today’s students do not fit this typical profile and instead look at summer as an unnecessary break that interferes with learning opportunities, academic growth and possibly even on-time graduation. For higher education students who aren’t interested in having their academics come to a screeching halt in May, summer courses may be a smart addition to your college program.

Whether your institution is looking to boost summer enrollment or be on the forefront of academic trends, it’s time to consider the many benefits to summer college courses.

Earlier Graduation

Many students are focused on the end goal: graduation. They want to pursue their career  goals and climb up the ladder of professional growth. Full-time students who want to graduate sooner can simply choose to take courses over the summer. By offering this as part of your program, your institution can attract a specific and very motivated group of students.

Personalized Classes

With so many students on campus during the remaining seasons, it’s difficult to find small classes that offer one-on-one time with the professor. Summer courses are an entirely different story. There are far less students on campus, so the setting is calmer right off the bat. Classes are also smaller, so students can get personalized attention to help them further their skills.

Advancement of Skills

Speaking of keeping skills sharp, summer courses give students the opportunity to continue building on what they have learned. We are all familiar with the many studies that have been published on students and the amount of information they lose over the summer. By offering summer courses, you’re giving students the chance to continue advancing their skill set so that they are ahead of the game come fall.

Laidback Environment

Certain times of the year are especially stressful on college students. They may be trying to adapt to on-campus living or prepping for several finals at once. Summer offers a more relaxed atmosphere, one that is conducive to learning. The weather is warm, the campus is quieter and course loads are smaller. Professors feel it, too, so they are able to offer distinguished classes for their unique student base.

Offering well-rounded summer courses is an excellent way to boost summer enrollment and show a different side of your university. You may be surprised at just how many students are interested in this curriculum, and how many more students will choose your school because of the year-round accommodations.

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