Are you thinking about running a social promotion on Facebook? Even though Facebook has decreased its organic reach, there are still excellent opportunities for social contests and giveaways. When used correctly, social promotions have plenty of potential.

First, let’s go over what a social promotion is. It’s a type of contest or giveaway where people must ‘like’ the Facebook page and then fill out the form to be eligible to win. Some of the most common prizes include free products, trials, getaways or entertainment tickets. It’s best to choose a prize that correlates with your business, but you can make it as unique as you want.

As far as benefits go, there are plenty.

Affordable Marketing

The typical costs associated with running a social promotion include the prize itself and the third-party app to run the contest. This makes Facebook promotions an affordable form of marketing that can increase brand awareness and page likes, plus grow your email marketing list, all within a tight budget.

Increase Page Likes

In order for people to enter the contest, they must first ‘like’ your Facebook page. With a well promoted contest and valuable prize, people won’t hesitate to give your page a ‘like.’ From this point forward, they will know who your business is, and learn valuable information about your industry.

Build a Community

With a well-run contest, a strong following can emerge. Think of how many times you’ve learned about businesses through friends or family that have shared them on social media. The same can be true for your business, and a Facebook contest is a helpful way to build this strong community. Here, you can share product information and be open to feedback and engagement from your audience.

Create Awareness and Engagement

Contests are an effective way to build awareness about your product, how it’s made and how it can be used. And, the more ‘likes’ you have, the more people will see your posts, visit your site and read posted content. Through increased awareness, your brand will also receive more engagement. New and relevant fans mean more comments, shares and likes.

Grow Email Marketing List

It’s tough to get email addresses these days, and you don’t want to send out unsolicited emails. By running a social promotion, you can easily grow your email marketing list and get a solid base of people who are interested in hearing from you. With coupon codes and promotional offers exclusive to subscribers, you can secure more sales.