A successful marketing campaign is critical to growing your business and expanding your customer base. If you’re like most marketers, you probably use a multi-tiered strategy that utilizes a variety of marketing methods. You can then track their success using analytics tools. This is helpful for tracking leads that are generated online, but what about leads you receive from phone calls? Wouldn’t it be great if you could receive the same detailed information?

With call tracking, this is possible. Call tracking assigns a different phone number to each of your marketing campaigns, both online and offline. The numbers are then forwarded over to your main business number. Call tracking is highly useful because you can compare which forms of marketing (PPC, SEO, Email, Social, etc.) are the most beneficial and deliver the best ROI for you.

For instance, if you have a phone number tied to organic search, one tied to a PPC ad and another on Facebook, you can measure where you’re garnering the most phone calls from. If calls are coming from organic but not the PPC ad, you know which method is yielding the better ROI. When marketing dollars are short and you need to make the most of every penny, call tracking ensures that your ad dollars are going to the right places.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of call tracking for your own business.

  • Number of Calls – Call tracking provides detailed reports regarding the number of calls you receive from each line as well as patterns associated with the incoming calls.

  • Length of Calls – With call tracking, you can determine which marketing methods result in longer, more meaningful conversations between staff and potential customers. Longer conversations mean a greater potential for conversions.

  • Time and Location – When you want to maximize your budget for your PPC campaigns, use call tracking to determine what time of the day and what location yield the most phone calls.

  • Conversion Rates – Track your conversions to better understand which marketing channels are most successful and where you should be putting your ad dollars.

  • Landing Pages – Use call tracking to track the performance of your PPC landing pages. The best ones will generate the most calls, quality leads and conversion rates.

  • Record of Calls – You have the option to record all incoming and outgoing calls. You can then listen to them and hear what customers want to know as well as if your employees are saying the right things on a call.

  • Team Members – A tracking system can also be used to evaluate which team members convert the most leads. Not only can you use this information to reward employees and run contests, but also it can help you decide where to place team members. Some may be better at answering questions, while others may be better at closing the sale.

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