Sarah Ishaque was a 2017 summer intern at SEMGeeks and worked on the Project Management team. She is going into her senior year at Rutgers University. See her thoughts on her SEMGeeks experience below!

The classes we take in college shape who we are and what our skillset will be. But, they do not offer us the experience to understand how companies run and how to thrive in the workplace. These are skills that are only attained through real experience in the workforce. As a student double-majoring in Economics and Information Technology at Rutgers University, interning at SEMGeeks is the best experience for me because it combines my love of business with my love of technology.  Interning at SEMGeeks has been an interesting and educational experience where everyday is different with new tasks to complete. Unlike other internships in college, SEMGeeks steers clear of the stereotypical intern task of getting coffee, and instead has a strong focus on acknowledging your set of skills and developing them to their greatest potential.

As a project management intern, my day can be very busy. My usual day consists of participating in client meetings and working alongside the CEO of the company, Chris Delany, to complete any tasks he needs done. Being able to work alongside the CEO is a unique experience that I would not be able to have in a big company. This allows me to learn all aspects of the business from marketing to design to web development. From participating in client meetings I have been able to improve my communication and listening skills as I often have to take notes to map out the client’s exact needs. Through internal meetings, I have learned a lot about how marketing and web development go hand-in-hand in today’s digital world.  Being a part of marketing meetings has allowed me to learn the different types of tools in marketing from social media and Google analytics to Amazon advertising and SEO. Interacting with the design team has allowed me to expand my wireframing skills. Furthermore, shadowing the web development team has allowed me to see everything from starting a web project to launching a website. The greatest thing is that these skills can be applied to any job and any situation.

Aside from the educational experiences this internship has to offer, there are many perks too. One of my favorite aspects of the company is that SEMGeeks has a more relaxed environment where jeans and t-shirts are the norm. When I talk to my friends about their internships, one of their biggest complaints is how uncomfortable dress pants are. However, I can’t relate because luckily here I get to enjoy a casual dress code and wear jeans everyday. The relaxed environment extends into the open office layout. This layout allows for easy and clear communication and a more upbeat atmosphere. Because of this layout, I get to spend my time with others who are working towards the same goal instead of being stuck in a dark and cramped cubicle by myself.  

The people at SEMGeeks also make my interning experience very enjoyable because they are some of the best people I have ever met. So much of the work done here is done in group settings which allows for a collaboration of ideas to flow through the room. I know as a college student this can sound awful because we all hate group projects in our classes, but SEMGeeks is different. Everyone who works here is hardworking, motivated and friendly; which makes working in a team an enjoyable experience.

College makes us think that it is important to chase big companies to secure a job after graduation. But the truth is that you learn more and get more hands-on experience at a smaller company. If you are a college student looking for an internship, I highly recommend applying at SEMGeeks!