Infographics are the bee’s knees. They transform complex or boring topics into easily digestible chunks of information that are actually worth reading. With the included images, the brain is more likely to remember the information. Interactive infographics are excellent SEO tools that should be added to your content strategy. However, the popularity of infographics doesn’t mean that any old content will do. Only the strong survive.

To get you inspired for the creation of your own amazing infographics, we’ve listed out some of our top picks. Enjoy!

LinkedIn: A Well-Balanced Blog

We are absolutely smitten by LinkedIn’s infographic A Well-Balanced Blog. They took an important yet commonly talked about topic and turned it into an enjoyable story that we can all relate to. For starters, the infographic follows a consistent theme. It refers to blog topics as food groups – whole wheat and grains, vegetables, meat, desserts – and creates a healthy blogging meal plan.

Though everyone loves food, it makes sense that LinkedIn chose this direction. Just as no one would enjoy eating the same meal every single day, no one wants to read the same content over and over again. Thus, the concept of a “balanced diet” for content was created. We also love the original, consistent photography.

Kelly-Moore Paints: The Sound of Color

Kelly-Moore’s infographic The Sound of Color is the best example of eye candy. As a paint company, Kelly-Moore knows that people have a hard time selecting the right colors for their projects. To assist customers in their color selections, the brand put together an emotional color spectrum based on color theory.

Kelly-Moore took five of their favorite albums and created color palettes based on them. For example, people who love Beyonce’s music tend to prefer bright, bold colors like purple, pink and orange. Beatles fans appreciate natural, organic colors like blue, green, yellow and orange. And those who would rather listen to Mumford and Sons reach for shades of blue, green and purple.

What does your taste in music say about you?

WebpageFX: Whistle While You Work

It’s no secret that music is known to enhance our moods, but did you know that it can make you more productive at work? WebpageFX did their research and discovered a handful of science-backed reasons why music should be played in all workspaces.

The statistics are organized in a way that is easy to understand and far more interesting than if they were tucked into a standard blog post. We love the color choices, as they are soft and subtle, with the exception of important facts and stats that stand out. The artwork does an excellent job of telling a story, even recommending tunes to get in the zone.

Happify: How to Leave Your Worries Behind

Talk about a deep conversation! But Happify did an amazing job of turning a complex, emotional topic into something simple and relatable. The colorful infographic shares eye-opening statistics about chronic worrying and what it can do to the body.

Once you realize that you never want to worry again, the infographic shares tips on how to live more and worry less. It also includes simple images of ways to reduce anxiety – sleep, eat less sugar, clear the clutter – and how to deal with a negative thought. For people who don’t want to read an entire book to get happy, this infographic is packed with useful content.

There are many infographics out there, but these are a few of our favorites. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!