While a lot of people had their internships canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, I was lucky enough to be able to complete my summer internship at Semgeeks Digital Marketing Agency. In fact, I had an amazing time and learned a lot throughout my experience. Even though my internship had been fully remote, the atmosphere at Semgeeks was very fun and professional. I enjoyed every second of working, even though it was the summer!

During my internship, I worked with the Business Development team who taught me how digital marketing on the business side of things worked. Although I had very little understanding, they were patient with me and taught me all about SEO, PPC, and the other services they offer. Over time, I managed to gain a really good understanding of these topics, which definitely helped when completing some of the tasks I had been given.

At several points, I was given the opportunity to sit through client meetings. By sitting in these meetings, I got to see first-hand client communication. As a computer science major who is interning within the Web Development and Business Development teams, I was able to hear what clients want for their websites and how they think it should look. This gives me insight into what people look for when they need websites created for their companies.

One of the projects I had worked on was helping create LinkedIn posts. I was able to research Google trends on my own and understand what to post to get others’ attention. I created a lot of posts that achieved good amounts of engagement. I also got a chance to work within Wix and Salesforce, two major platforms in the digital marketing field.

While at Semgeeks, I was able to talk and learn from James from the Web Development department. Speaking with him, I have gotten to understand how web development and computer science correlate with one another. I was able to learn and understand how to do HTML on my own. Learning HTML is important for me since it is a new program that I have not really had the chance to learn at school. Learning basic coding skills within HTML is a good experience for someone who is majoring in computer science.

In conclusion, I have learned a lot from being here (virtually) at Semgeeks. I am grateful for the people that I’ve met and the guidance they have given me. I cannot wait to further my knowledge by using what I have learned here for the future!