As an AdWords advertiser, getting more clicks on your ads is a top priority. The more relevant the click, the more likely the visitor is to convert into a lead. One day, that lead may turn into a loyal customer! There are many ways to increase qualified clicks, and one way to do this is by attaching AdWords extensions onto your campaigns.

AdWords extensions give your ads more space to display information. Here are a few of the ways extensions can boost your campaigns.

  • Increased Visibility. With ad extensions, your ads take up valuable PPC real estate. This helps your ads stand apart from others on the page.

  • Relevant Information. When users have to make a quick decision, any information is helpful. Extensions let you add more content such as reviews, product information or direct links.

  • Better CTAs. AdWords extensions give users more ways to interact with your ad. Searchers can go directly to a service page, call your business or get product pricing.

  • More Value, Same Price. There is no added charge to run an ad with an extension, but you get more valuable clicks. Because the searcher is more informed on the services you offer, their clicks tend to be more qualified.

Best AdWords Extensions to Use

If you’re looking to boost conversions for your AdWords campaigns, here are some of the best extensions to use.

Sitelink Extensions

Sitelinks give advertisers the option to include up to four links. The links take up more PPC space and also give searchers the opportunity to find the page most relevant to them. Sometimes, this extension will show a quick summary of the subpage, perfect for click-worthy calls to actions and product descriptions.

Call Extensions

Call extensions let searchers call your business directly without having to dig through your website to find your number. This extension incorporates your phone number and is particularly beneficial for mobile customers who prefer to click and be connected.

Callout Extensions

With only a couple of lines of ad copy, it’s hard to fit everything you want to say. With callout extensions, you don’t have to. Use this extension to add up to four messages, such as years in business, speedy delivery or free returns.

Location Extensions

If your business has multiple locations, you want the searcher to be shown the correct address. Location extensions feature the location, phone number and hours of operation to your ad. For those looking to visit on the same day, this information is crucial.

Review Extensions

Reviews majorly influence a person’s decision to click. The review extension lets you add feedback directly to your ad so that searchers can make a decision more easily.

Offer Extensions

Google lets you add offers into your ad now, too. This way, you’re giving users the information they need to make a decision, plus enticing them with an attractive offer such as a discount, free trial or free shipping.

Structured Snippets

Structured snippets let you feature the different services and products you offer. You can present them in a user-friendly manner, briefly outlining the different styles of products you carry or the types of services offered.

The next time you run an AdWords campaign, consider using one of these extensions. Be sure to test your ads to determine which ones are receiving the most clicks. By sharing more information about your business and incentivizing searchers, you’re bound to see more qualified clicks and conversions!