Do you love listening to music on Pandora? Of course you do. Pandora offers hundreds of music stations and over 20,000 contemporary artists. What sets Pandora apart from other streaming music sources is that you can select a personalized station of your choice and enjoy music that fits within your taste profile. If you don’t like a song, you can give it the thumbs down or skip over it. By giving songs the thumbs up, Pandora can find more music and artists that fit your profile.

Now, if you’ve been a listener of Pandora for any length of time, you know that there are commercials on there. These commercials are hardly intrusive since they only play one commercial at a time after about 30 minutes of listening time. (Sometimes you get a commercial if you keep skipping through songs, too.) The commercials are 30 seconds in length, and you can’t help but listening to it because, well, it’s on and it’s the only one.

With traditional radio stations, you have far more commercials, which is why most people tune them out or change the station altogether. In the past, radio advertising for higher education didn’t make a lot of sense. If you snagged the last spot on the commercial lineup, no one would hear it anyway. But with Pandora, new doors are being opened, especially for institutions.

Let’s discuss why advertising on Pandora may be right for your institution.

  • Tighter Target Audience – You may select who hears your ad by the listener’s age, zip code or county. This is a great feature for institution looking to draw in customers from a specific radius.

  • Internet Advertising – With Pandora advertising, you get the power of Internet advertising as well. Users can click directly on the ad that goes along with your radio advertisement and be directed to your website, or a specific landing page. They will also associate your brand with your logo.

  • Affordable Advertising – When you break it down, it only costs pennies per ad to advertise on Pandora. Plus, your advertising is reaching a more direct audience, so you should see a better ROI.

  • Analytics and Tracking – Since users may click on your ad and be directed to your website, you can use analytics to find out where visitors are coming from. This, too, can help your ROI.

As you already know, there is no secret solution to advertising. But, Pandora is well worth a try, and it may be a nice addition to your existing marketing campaign, especially if you’re looking to reach a certain audience.