If you’re not a tech company, does this mean you’re off the guest list for tech events? Not exactly. Events and conferences might be commonplace, but they can help you reach and exceed your revenue goals. But first, you need to find the right events to attend.

Let’s check out some of the most compelling reasons why a technology-focused event might be just the thing to make your non-technical business shine.

Increase the Versatility of Your Product

Perhaps your product or service isn’t particularly tech savvy, but is there a way that it could be used with technology? If so, this may increase the versatility and sustainability of your product. By attending innovation shows, you can learn what technologies are most popular and how they can be implemented into your business. Technology is everywhere – surely there’s a way to make it relevant for your business!

Attract New Customers

New customers are everywhere, so you should take the opportunity to market your business in as many places as possible. Even if your product isn’t in tech, people in the industry can still benefit from your services. For example, people at tech events still need accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, etc. To increase brand awareness, use hashtags on social media and let others know that you’ll be at the event.

Grow Your Professional Network

The point of attending trade shows is to network with others. By choosing your trade shows carefully, you can position yourself in front of thousands of people from all corners of the tech world. Ask questions and show that you’re genuinely interested in learning more about technology. This is how the most meaningful, wholesome relationships are formed at networking events.

Discover New Talent

We all have a reason to appreciate technology, even if it’s not directly tied to your product. Think about some of the other ways your business may use technology, such as having an ecommerce site or using a CRM to track customer interactions. When you appreciate technology and its place in your business, you’ll be more open to discovering new opportunities.

Spark Your Curiosity

Even if you can’t think of one reason why attending a tech event is good for business, consider it on a personal level. Do you need to worry about robots taking over your industry? Is bitcoin worth investing in? Attending a tech event or meetup puts you in front of the latest advancements and clears up misconceptions. And, it’s possible that a new business venture will evolve!

Some of your best professional opportunities will come from events. Check out upcoming tech meetups such as Geek Speak and consider how they can help grow your business.