We all know that there’s an app for just about everyone and everything these days, and that includes productive designers. Heck, you can even use an app to find friends for your dog! In all seriousness, there’s a great collection of apps that can help you be more constructive in your day-to-day routine.

Below are nine free iPhone apps for the favorite designer in your life – yourself included.

1. Repix

As a designer, having a photo editor on hand at all times is without question. Repix is that photo editor. With over 28 handcrafted brush effects and an impressive assortment of filters, you can edit your pictures in real-time and upload them to your portfolio.

2. Font Candy

This app sounds delicious, and it is. Font Candy is a type of photo editor, though its focus is on text treatments. Using the app, you can put your photos together in a montage and share them to Tumblr or Instagram.

3. Harvest Time and Expense Tracker

If you work on a freelance basis, tracking your time is critical. You don’t have a dedicated finance team doing this for you, so the Harvest app can be hired in its place – for free. When you set up an account, you can snap receipts, log expenses, manage invoices and track your time.

4. Assembly

Assembly is a brilliant app that lets you create stickers, icons, scenes and other graphics in a fun and simple way. Thanks to the new vector design tool, you can produce professional work in less time. When you’re done, save your work in the appropriate format: JPG, PNG, SVG or PDF.

5. Create

Whether you’re bored or just looking to practice your creative skills, Create is a designer’s dream. Limited only by the size of your device, Create offers a creative suite that lets you experiment with shapes, lines and typography.

6. Asian Paints Colour Scheme Pro

Colour Scheme Pro has over 1800 shades of color, inspiring you to build color palettes and explore color combinations. You can pick a color from the Colour Spectra or create your own combinations. With so many ways to play, you’ll never get bored!

7. Paper

How many times do you have ideas to jot down but nowhere to do so? The Paper app lets you do it – right on your iPhone. Designers can capture every new idea that comes their way, and the app has plenty of useful features such as creating lists and highlighting important info.

8. Monogram

Monogram is essentially an in-pocket portfolio. The card-based design app features your breathtaking works of art in an organized fashion. Best of all, the app works without a Wi-Fi signal so that you can sell yourself anywhere.

9. Prolance

The Prolance app calculates how much you should bill clients based on the hour worked or the characteristics of the project. Also, calculate your ideal hourly rate and connect with other freelancers around the world.

Your iPhone is always with you, so take advantage of all the great tools out there for productive designers. The next time you take on a project, you’ll be more inspired, organized and confident!