The best way to grab someone’s attention is either to entertain them or to insult them … or maybe a little of both. With the rapidly increasing dominance of social media marketing, a social media presence is critical for companies to remain competitive and relevant.  Nowadays, content on social media can be excessive, so it is important for brands to stand out and leave an impression.

The most successful accounts are the ones that grab and maintain your attention. The slightly controversial or raunchy accounts prove to be the most successful in actually doing this. Check out these 8 hilarious and sassy accounts below.

1. Charmin

After seeing what Charmin has been able to accomplish with their “Enjoy the Go” campaign, I will never have the right to complain about another brainstorming session. Some products are difficult to market, and I would have to say that toilet paper is one of them. Lucky for Charmin, they’ve found a way to make TP cool. Their social accounts are packed with honest, witty posts. I guess we are never really too old for potty jokes.

2. Wendy’s

Wendy’s manages some pretty great social channels. What I love most is that Wendy’s has confidence in their food. For example, several people tried to claim the restaurant uses frozen beef (not fresh as they say) and Wendy’s was all over it! They certainly know how to fire back – and I don’t just mean on the grill.

3. MoonPie

What I admire about MoonPie is that their social media managers can argue with the best of them – and still sound adorable. It’s hard to write anything these days for fear of being misinterpreted, which makes posts more robotic and less human. It’s refreshing when brands are confident enough to speak their minds. Plus, MoonPies are delish, so could we ever really be mad at them?

4. Helper

Who would have thought that a chubby white hand could make so many people smile through the years? Helper – as in Hamburger Helper – has definitely grown brazen over the years. I think we can all admit that Hamburger Helper isn’t the most delicious dinner on the planet, but they don’t care. It puts a quick and hearty dinner on the table for millions of families.

5. Discovery

To much surprise, Discovery is not all business all the time. Discovery has a sweet sense of humor, though they aren’t afraid to hand out a few digs if need be. Case in point: The time when the Pittsburgh Penguins were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs in 2015. Discovery couldn’t help but notice the lack of Penguin activity on the ice – a dig that definitely did not go unnoticed.

6. Denny’s

Denny’s never fails to deliver awesome pictures of food. Not that my news feeds need any more of that, but hey, at least I can drive to Denny’s and get the dish if I really wanted to. Anyhow, Denny’s knows how to throw out clever, slightly corny jokes to accompany their many food pics.

7. Merriam-Webster

I honestly think it’s not that hard to be funny when you’re Merriam-Webster. You get to hear all the crazy words that people use when trying to sound intelligent. Not to mention the made-up words that come along, and getting to decide if words like “photobomb” and “humblebrag” get to be in the dictionary. The material Merriam-Webster has must be overflowing.

8. BuzzFeed

And finally…BuzzFeed. I mean, if you need a good laugh that has to do with something relevant going on in the world (Do you hear Yanny or Laurel?), BuzzFeed is the place to be. Their social channels are loaded with amusing photos and short burns, digs, and jokes that are perfect for the millennial audience.

If you’re ever in the mood for some good old fashioned laughs, check out one of these eight sassy social accounts.