A great story deserves a great headline. That’s why serious designers keep a well-supplied font library with them at all times. However, you may have noticed that it’s difficult to find fonts that are legible and attractive. You don’t want your titles to look uninteresting, but how do you know when you’ve crossed the line into pure silliness?

For distinctive headline fonts that will make your content worth sharing, we’ve put together eight of our favorite fonts. They’re just enough to add some pizzazz to your titles while keeping things professional. Have fun!

1. Pier, Free to $100

Pier is a cross between a bold and skinny typeface. It’s enough to demand attention without looking overpowering. What we love about Pier is that it’s clean and uncluttered and has the potential to be used for just about every project. With four styles available, the possibilities are endless!

2. Butler, Free

Butler is a serif font. But don’t worry. It’s a far cry from the Times New Roman fonts for your high school essays. Butler is clean but curvy. It looks important, which is why it makes a great fit for serious-toned websites such as health insurance or family matters.

3. Audrey, Free

Audrey is what you think of when visiting a fashion or beauty website. It’s sophisticated and elegant. What’s interesting about this font is its feminine personality, even though it’s not a script font. If you’re looking for a gentler touch to your website, Audrey is worth checking out.

4. Goku, $11

Yes, you do have to pay for Goku, but it’s well worth it if you’re looking for an energetic font that commands a second look. Goku has an artistic element to it, and it’s great for brands that carry avante-garde products, such as those in the fashion industry.

5. Dual, Free to $116

Dual is a hip and fashionable font that manages to be legible at the same time. Like Pier, you get numerous sets with Dual, allowing you to experiment with the various possibilities.

6. Simplifica, Free

As the name implies, Simplifica is simple. Beautifully simple. It’s lightweight and easy on the eyes. It has a way of attracting attention, especially if you use the font in in all caps and apply it to a dark background.

7. Lombok, Free for Personal Use Only.

Lombok is a font that is stuffed with personality. If you want your website to be viewed as cutting-edge or forward-thinking while keeping a sophisticated tone, Lombok is the geometric font that suits the bill.

8. Summit, Free

One last headline font we want to share is Summit, which has a nostalgic feel. It’s a sans serif typeface that includes 10 styles and five weights. Since you have the option to layer the different styles, you can use Summit to create truly unique headlines that are bold and modern.

Having so many options for headline font is a good thing. It allows you to find a font that speaks your brand’s language while distinguishing you from your competitors. With so many options comes the difficulty in making the right choices, so we hope you find our list of suggestions helpful!