Social Media Aggregation Apps

When you want to know what’s going on with your friends, which social platform do you use? Facebook? Snapchat? If you want to hit up some of your professional connections, you probably use LinkedIn. News and trending topics? That’s definitely Twitter territory. A tasty chili recipe on a cold winter night? Pinterest has this one. And if you want some pretty photos to look at, Instagram or Google+ is the winner.

It’s nice to have so many different platforms to stay connected with friends, family and coworkers, but it can also get tiring. With so many tweets, posts, photos and videos being posted on your social channels, keeping up with everyone and everything is almost impossible. Still, the challenge is tempting.

Understanding this predicament is important because it tells you a bit about how your own audience is feeling. If you are spending a lot of time and dollars on managing your social accounts, it’s possible that your efforts are being missed. Your audience may be overwhelmed with the number of friends and businesses they follow, and they may not be checking these channels every day.

The good news is that there is a way to view all of your social posts in one place. This is good for you as a business and a consumer. It’s important for you to be able to keep a watchful eye on your audience, too. Having all of your social posts integrated into one place takes away the hassle of signing into each individual account.

Let’s take a look at eight apps that allow you to check all of your status updates in one window.

1. Alternion

Alternion gathers all feeds from your social media channels, including updates, links and media. It can support over 200 social networks (you probably didn’t even know there were that many!). What makes Alternion a standalone app is that it can also incorporate all of your emails from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and others. Additional features include a social address book, social resume, filters, privacy control and profile customization.

2. Yoono

Yoono is another handy app that combines all of the feeds from the networks you use. In addition to being able to view all of the feeds from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., it also allows you to share your favorite links, images and videos to any of your profiles. This way, you can update your status across multiple channels at once. While we typically recommend updating your statuses separately based on your audience, this feature can come in handy when you’re short on time and need to push out information.

3. Cloze

Cloze is a social media aggregation and curation tool that is available as a mobile app and browser version. What we love about Cloze is that it’s intuitive and learns who is most important to you. Based on this information, the app organizes the feeds so that what you see first is most relevant to you. Cloze is very helpful in filtering out news from sources that you don’t care as much about. Also, the social app brings together all of your relationships into a convenient, people-centered view where you can keep track of everyone’s posts, tweets, emails and more.

4. Scruddle

All of your social media news feeds and streams are consolidated into a single inbox with Scruddle. Not only can you view everything in a single glance, but also the app gives you the freedom to manage the information the way you want. Plus, you can perform all of your daily activities without having to log on to each platform, such as post status updates, retweet and make comments.

5. MyBucketz

We added MyBucketz to our list because it does have the capability to connect to Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and any of your favorite RSS feeds. Unfortunately, the social app can no longer support Facebook and LinkedIn, so you may not find the program as useful as some of the others out there. What’s nice about MyBucketz is that it allows you to group friends and followings together under different “buckets.” A bucket can be anything from a single person to a group of friends to a simple description.


Jyst is simple and distraction free. You can view multiple social networks on the clutter-free interface, and there are cool features for Facebook and Twitter. View any photos or videos in high resolution and see their full comment thread on Facebook. You can also leave your own contribution. On Twitter, send a quick tweet or customize your status update.

7. Facebook to Twitter

This Facebook-owned app gives you the power to post all of your public updates on Facebook to Twitter. You can control which posts you share such as status updates, links, photos, notes, event creations and group creations. It’s simple, handy and no-fuss. Just remember that only public posts are eligible.

8. Fuse

Fuse is a mobile app that is available on iTunes and Google Play. Its intention is to revolutionize the way people communicate at work or in their social lives. And it has succeeded. Fuse gives you easy access to the content that you want to read anytime, anywhere. If there are social networks that you’re not interested in checking out for the day, you can quickly turn them off. You can even post anonymously!

Whether for your personal life or to help manage your business profile pages on sites like Facebook and Twitter, it helps to have social media aggregation apps to keep everything organized. Hopefully you can find something on our list that will make you satisfied!