7 Creative Ways to Make Your Higher Education Marketing Unique

Pete Schauer

Marketing Director

If your latest higher education marketing campaigns have been dull and predictable, it’s definitely time to shake things up. Higher institutions tend to shy away from creative campaigns because they don’t want to come across as silly or insincere. Colleges and universities aren’t selling a simple product or service after all - they’re selling an education. The thing is, creativity and professionalism work beautifully together. You can stand out while showing students that you offer a solid academic program.
Here are seven creative ways to make your higher EDU marketing campaigns more unique.

1. Interactive Quizzes
Quizzes are second nature to students. Create quizzes to make certain parts of the student journey easy and fun. For example, students can take a quiz to find out what majors best suit them or what dorm personality they have.

2. Event Coverage
Help students envision what it would be like to live and participate on campus. A great way to do this is by capturing events on film, such as musical productions, football games, track meets, ice cream socials, community involvement, etc. The footage can be featured on social media, YouTube or a slideshare presentation.

3. Social Media Takeovers
Social media takeovers have proven effective and can work exceptionally well for the higher education sector. It’s important that students can relate to your message, and the best way to do this is by understanding your audience. By letting a student “take over” your social media account for the day, prospective students have a relatable voice to connect with.

4. Infographics
Have interesting stats to share on your school? Pack them into an infographic. Because they are so easy to read and understand, infographics are more likely to go viral. Any information can be tucked into an infographic, including university data, course options and facts about your school’s history.

5. School Mascot
Does your school have a mascot? If so, give this character a place in your community. College mascots represent pride and bring students, faculty, parents and alumni together for a shared purpose. Your mascot can also be featured on your social media channels - they aren’t just for sporting events!

6. Campus Spotlights
A great way to give your school more exposure is by highlighting important people and events. Do you have a guest speaker coming to your university? Have any of your programs received an award? What professors are currently working on research? By calling attention to these people and events, it shows that you offer a well-rounded college experience.

7. Student Guides
Blogs and web content provide students with great information, but it can be scattered through your site and difficult to put together. Create student guides for parents, students, athletes, transfers, etc. This way, all relevant information can be found in one place. Collect an email address from the prospect before they download the guide.
Higher education marketing can get stale at times, but there are always ways to shake things up while maintaining a professional image. We hope you’ve found a few great ideas to use for your own higher EDU marketing campaigns!

About the Author: Pete Schauer

Born and raised at the Jersey Shore, Pete Schauer is the Marketing Director at SEMGeeks. He holds a M.A. in Digital Communications from William Paterson University and has 8+ years in the digital space with companies such as Bleacher Report and Social Media Today in addition to SEMGeeks. His background includes creative and professional writing as well as strategic digital marketing communications and management.

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