Remarketing involves targeting customers that have already visited your site or showed interest in your offerings. You can bring them back to your webpage and boost sales. It was found during a survey that over 91% of the respondents saw remarketing to be at least as effective as SEO, email, and other ads, according to a report published by the Interactive Advertising Bureau in 2015. If you have an IT business, you can employ remarketing techniques to drive traffic and increase your potential conversions.

Here are 6 ways you can create effective remarketing ads that can significantly boost your business:

#1 Determine Your High-Value Pages

Remarketing is an effective and successful approach because you are cutting through the clutter and showing ads to people who know your company and are interested in what you have to offer, according to a blog published by the Semgeeks Digital Agency. You can take the help of tools like Google Analytics and find pages that drive the most traffic and conversions. If you identify these high-value pages, you can put your remarketing code on them to maximize your ROI.

#2 Segment Your Remarketed Lists

You should focus your remarketing lists on homepage viewers, offer page viewers, category page viewers, past converters, and cart abandoners. It will help you track your customer’s purchase journey. You can then identify the ones closest to the sales funnel and effectively use targeting and messaging that accurately reflects their needs, according to an article by Google. This personalized experience will make them more likely to come back and check out your product again.

#3 Offer Generous Incentives

Those who left before purchasing your IT services may simply need more time to think or make sure that it is the right solution for them. You could sweeten the deal by making them an irresistible offer. Any coupons or exclusive deals on your products or services could drive these leads back to your business and you can actually get them to convert.

#4 Time Your Remarketing Ads Perfectly

Timing is extremely important with remarketing ads. If you want to attract that customer again, you need to find the right balance of how often to show your ad. You can use an analytics tool to gain insights about your audience and how they perceive your ads to figure out the right timing. You can also consider your buying cycle and remarket ads to influence these customers.

#5 Target Existing Customers

Although you should focus on acquiring new customers, it is still expensive than attracting the existing ones to return. You could retarget your existing clientele and generate sales from them through several ways such as rebuying, cross-selling, or re-inviting past customers. You could even launch loyalty campaigns with unique discounts and offers to boost your sales.

#6 Encourage Email Signups

You can drive your remarketing traffic to get more people to sign up on your email list. With the right keywords, you can use advertising campaigns to promote your email content and incentivize new customers to join your email list. You can then assess the needs of these customers and send them promotional content tailored to their specific needs that will generate more conversions and value.

You should remember that remarketing is all about engaging targeted customers and bringing them back to your portal. You could analyze your customers’ previous purchases, preferences, and interests to create a remarketing strategy that increases your conversions and sales.