How many apps do you have on your smartphone? What about your web browser? Were you aware that there a plenty extensions that can be used with Chrome to make your job easier and more productive? The best part is, most of them are free! What’s difficult is knowing which extensions to download.

Below are six of our favorite time-saving Chrome extensions that can be used for creative inspiration. It’s time to take the designer in you to the next level!

1. Color Tab

There are no boundaries when it comes to color, but we tend to fall into the habit of using the same color combinations. Color Tab is an extension from Color Hunt that serves a beautiful color pallette every time you open a new tab. If you like what you see, hover over the tab and the color code is revealed. You can get additional options by clicking on the smiley face at the top. Who knows what new color will end up in your next design!

2. Boards for Trello

If you haven’t tried Trello yet, you don’t know what you’re missing! This organization tool is great for project management. Whether you’re a photographer, web designer or illustrator, everyone can come together for a particular project and share ideas. Boards for Trello is an extension that allows one-click access to Trello Boards. Though it may sound like a small benefit, this direct access saves a lot of time if you’re moving back and forth between Boards.

3. Save to Google

Save to Google was launched by Google and lets you save pages to read for later. After installing the extension, click on the button that was added to your Chrome toolbar anytime you come across an article to view later. To find all of your saved docs, visit The list looks like a bunch of bookmarks, but you can search through them to find what you need.

4. WeTransfer Moment

If you’ve used WeTransfer before, you’re familiar with the wide range of photography and art shown when transferring large files. With WeTransfer Moment, you get to see these beautiful works of art every time you open a new tab. If you want to learn more about the person who created it, simply click on the credit line.

5. Take Four

Take Four helps you discover new creative professionals to follow on Instagram. When you open a new tab, you get to see lovely works of art from original creators. Show some love to the artist by clicking on the image and following them on Instagram. Also use the photography for your own creative energy.

6. Twitter for Github

Many web developers use both Twitter and Github, so this extension does the job of combining both. With this tool, the Twitter handle is displayed on the Github profile for users that have both accounts. The reason for using this extension is to collaborate with other creative professionals more effectively.

We hope these six Chrome extensions will come in handy the next time you are looking for inspiration or to expand your network of creative professionals!