Toys around the office adds to our everyday fun. Nerf gun wars are all the rage, with some offices investing in ammo for each employee. Everyone has to be armed if you want to play fair. There are also countless other workplaces that spice things up with arcade games, foosball tables, high-tech lounge areas, and more.

Not meant to be a distraction, these toys are effective at breaking down barriers between departments, bringing people together as a team, and adding some fun into otherwise long and tedious work days.

We’re going to tame things down a bit and introduce six tech toys that every digital agency needs. If you find that your firm is craving something more, hit up the soon-to-be-closing Toys R Us stores for a set of Nerf guns.

6 Awesome Tech Toys for the Office

1. Polaroid Pop Digital Camera, $184.99

Everyone in the office probably has their own smartphone with a camera, but you can’t control the photos they take. Therefore, poor Martha who sits in the back of the office is rarely included. With a designated office camera, you can make certain that everyone gets in the photos.

We love the Polaroid Pop because it instantly pops out 3×4” photos with a white border to be hung around the office. There’s also an LCD viewfinder, selfie self-timer, and the option to share photos with the Polaroid app. And, the camera works without a computer or printer.

2. C By GE Sol Smart Lamp, $149.99

This incredible lamp is one of the most beautiful Alexa products available. It features a polished 13-inch ring that sits neatly on any table or surface. More than a lamp, the C By GE Sol offers all the features of Alexa, including the latest news, weather, search engine functionality, and lighting. Place it in the common brainstorming or meeting areas for a fresh appearance.

3. Google Daydream View, $99.99

The Google Daydream View is one of our favorite VR headsets because of its comfort, motion controllers, and expanding collection of apps. It’s a great toy because it offers unlimited fun and interactivity, something that digital agencies hope to provide to their own clients. Plus, employees can escape to a tropical island on their breaks or amp up their motivation by taking a lap around the racetrack.

4. Nintendo Switch, $299.00

Nintendo Switch balances nostalgia and technology. Millennials will love the classic favorites, like Zelda and Mario Kart, as well as newer games like Super Mario Odyssey. What makes the Switch an awesome office toy is its portability. Place it in the break room for employees to use when they want, where they want.

5. LG Electronics 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV, $1,696.99

A TV is an investment, but it’s a gadget that everyone will love. What makes the LG 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV stand out is its smart technology and incredible picture quality. Each OLED pixel is individually lit, and there are hundreds of apps to choose from. For those who can’t escape to a warm place on the Google Daydream, this TV will do the trick. Our team personally likes to stream our Spotify playlists on the TV in our open office space.

6. Skeye Mini Drone with HD Camera, $69.00

Drones aren’t the most indoor-friendly toys, but we’re pushing the limits here anyway. The Skeye Mini Drone is a tiny drone that shouldn’t get you removed from the building. It has a 6-axis control system, two levels of sensitivity and an HD video camera. If you’re looking for something less expensive, try the Cheerson CX-10 Mini at under $20.

Well, there you have it. Six toys that every digital agency should have in some form. Happier employees are more productive employees!