Web designs change more than a high school fashionista’s wardrobe. If you don’t keep on top of the latest developments, you may assume your site looks fine when it doesn’t. Being on the cutting-edge of web design is important. It makes your brand fun and memorable while ensuring that you stay relevant.

It’s hard to choose between the best and most recent web design trends because there are so many! But, I’ve attempted to anyway. Below are six of the latest trends to pay attention to. Start thinking about how and where they can be incorporated into your own site!

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is found in more than just the movies. In fact, you probably use it everyday without even realizing it! As people rely on digital assistants like Siri and Alexa to get through their days, web design will have to complement conversational searches. Also, AI can be used to provide a higher level of customer service through the use of chatbots and automated returns.

2. Web Animation

Animations are for more than looking cute. They make interfaces easier to understand and prompt users to make certain decisions. This is important because people are often in a hurry when using websites. Animations are engaging and informing, letting users know a lot of information in a little bit of time. Plus, animations are just plain fun. They make websites less boring and more charming.

3. Brilliant Typography

Typography can be quite powerful, and web designers know this. That’s why typography continues to evolve with sharper, bolder options. Serifs have been increasing in popularity because they’re easy to read and there are many fonts available. But, the important thing is that you choose a font that has lots of personality and aligns with your brand.

4.  Gradients and Shadows

Gradients and shadows are back – think of it as being flat design 2.0. With the combination of bright color palettes and softer transitions, gradients look better than ever. They’re loud and full of character. Shadows are also coming back. They work well on minimal and 2D designs, especially when softened and used to enhance buttons and other media.

5. Particle Backgrounds

Videos playing in the background are heavy and tend to slow down websites. If you’re looking for some type of movement, particle backgrounds are the answer. These animations create smooth movements, creating a natural look and feel in the background. They don’t take long to load and won’t interfere with the user experience.

6. Saturated Color Schemes

Colors are getting brighter, bolder and more saturated. No longer do brands feel stuck choosing “safe” colors. Thanks to technologically advanced screens on phones, tablets and computers, brands can effectively use color to evoke emotion, show personality and create memorable experiences. In fact, even clashing colors can be used. The rules are truly being tested.

We love that web designers are pushing the limits. The above six design trends prove this. Which ones do you see yourself using?