In 2019, global internet advertising spending stood at $104.8 billion. One of the major portions of this spending was accounted for by PPC campaigns. Advertisers love PPC campaigns because they offer quick entry, great targeting options, and the option to measure and track the campaign. Plus, they work well with other marketing channels as well.

But for some businesses, PPC campaigns do not bring in the expected ROI. This is often because the cost per click of their campaign is too high. If you too find yourself in a similar position, here are 5 ways you can bring down the cost per click.

1.   Use Long-Tail Keywords

The more generic a keyword is, the higher its price is. This is because more people bid on it. Instead of using generic keywords, look for long-tail keywords. These are keywords that are highly specific to your industry. They have a low search volume but a very obvious search intent.

Since they are so specific, chances are high that the person is looking to buy the product or service in the near future. This means that your ad spend won’t be wasted on irrelevant searches. Also, due to their specific nature, less people might be bidding on such keywords, making them more affordable.


2.   Include Negative Keywords

These are keywords for which your ad would not be shown. The use of negative keywords prevents the triggering of your ad for irrelevant search queries. This helps in keeping your CTR or click through rate high. High CTR ensures that you have a healthy quality score. This, in turn, brings down your cost per click.

3.   Schedule Your Ads

Having an inappropriate keyword schedule is similar to going to someone’s house when they aren’t at home. If you are running your ads 24/7, the cost of your campaign can become too high. Therefore, it is vital that your ads are running at a time when your target audience is likely to be online. For instance, if your target audience is pre-teens and teenagers, then you might not want to run your ads in the morning, since most of your audience would be in school at that time. Ad Scheduling lowers the chances of getting irrelevant clicks and improves the CPC.


4.   Improve Your Landing Page

Having a healthy quality score is vital for low cost per click. One of the things considered by Google when calculating the quality score is the quality of the landing pages. To ensure a great landing page, consider the following:

  • Choose a headline that grabs the user’s attention. The headline should be short yet inform about the benefit of the product or service.
  • Include images and graphics. Compared to text, visual content is processed much faster by the human brain and is also retained better.


5.   Consider Keyword Variations

If there is high competition for a certain keyword, you do not always need to choose it, since it might drive the price up. Instead, you can use tools that can inform you of similar keywords. They might have lower competition, which can make them more affordable.

Apart from these, the cost per click can also be driven down by creating tightly linked ad groups and lowering your bids.

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