Here’s a question for you: Do you spend more of your budget on your homepage or your landing page? Chances are, it’s your homepage.

Your homepage is a critical part of your website, but higher education landing pages are equally important. While your homepage welcomes visitors and invites them to explore your website, landing pages prompt a specific action such as making a donation, attending an open house or scheduling a campus tour.

If you haven’t given attention to your school’s landing page, let’s do so now. There are five ways that you can optimize this page to increase recruitment and alumni donations – two important things your school needs to operate.

1. Include a Value Proposition

Your value proposition should be positioned at the top of your page – loud and clear. It’s the first thing visitors see to help them decide if they should continue.

So, what exactly is a value proposition? In this case, it’s a clear statement that describes what your school has to offer. Let’s say that the goal of your landing page is to increase alumni donations. Rather than saying, “Donate” at the top of your page, you could put something like, “Donate now to shape the future of our students.”

2. List Our Your Benefits

Visitors expect to get a clear picture of what you have to offer by skimming your page. List out the benefits of attending your event, donating to your school, etc. in a bulleted list or infographic. You can also use this as your re-affirming statement so that you can keep your content trimmed down. Aim for 3-5 unique benefits that other schools don’t have.

3. Add a Compelling Photo or Video

Great landing pages have a compelling visual that supports their message. Videos are best because they are authentic, informational and moving. You don’t need a huge budget to create a great video, but you don’t want to skimp on one either. If you don’t have the budget to produce a video, use a photo or series of photos to achieve a similar effect. Most importantly, be original. No stock photos allowed.

4. Incorporate Social Proof

Validate your school with testimonials from students, alumni, parents, faculty, etc. The majority of people read reviews before making a purchase, and we can all agree that college is a significant investment. A few testimonials supports your image and instills trust in visitors.

5. Include an Opt-in Form

The purpose of a landing page is to get people to convert. An opt-in form is the way to achieve this, so include it on your page so that users don’t have to leave to submit their information. Ask only for the information you need. Forms that are too long often have lower conversion rates. Also, include a compelling CTA button that says something like, “Give back today” or “Start your future.”

Are you ready to optimize your landing page for improved recruitment and alumni donations? Follow the tips above and test the elements of your landing pages to see what works best for your audience.