While there are dozens of digital marketing tools that manufacturers can use to build their brand, drive site traffic, and convert customers, email marketing is uniquely suited for the task. 

With $36 for every dollar invested, it delivers the highest ROI of any channel. 

But here’s the thing. Because email marketing is so effective, chances are, your competitors are doing it too. That means you’ll need to put in a little extra elbow grease to make your email campaign stand out. 

Here are five quick ways manufacturers can supercharge their email marketing tactics.   

#1 Start with the Subject Line

Email marketing is effective, but not flawless. In the world of manufacturing, the average click-through rate for email is 22.65%. That means only one in four people bother to even see what it is you’re selling. 

But crafting a brilliant subject line could change that. 

Like it or not, people tend to judge a book by its cover. The same goes for email subject lines. If you fail to pique their interest from the outset, there are three to one odds that it’ll stay unread. And if it’s especially uncompelling, you might even be flagged for spam.   

But you can fix that by creating subject lines that are:

  • Relevant
  • Urgent
  • Quick and compelling
  • Personalized 

#2 Send Messages from a Branded Company Email Address

When you send out emails, do it through a branded company address—not from your personal email nor an anonymous company email. Either of those alternatives increases the likelihood that your message will be ignored by the recipient or automatically marked as spam by a filter. 

A personal company email address adds legitimacy to your message.  

#3 Personalize Your Messaging

Even if you’re automating the campaign, the content throughout the email should be tailored to that specific business or consumer. Adding small details or tweaking your overarching message to address their specific pain points demonstrates that you value their time, genuinely understand their issue, and provide manufacturing capabilities that can address their needs.   

#4 Utilize Graphics

Savvy manufacturers incorporate pictures and videos to help educate the potential client or show off the quality of their goods and services. Done sparingly, this creates an immersive experience that immediately transports the reader straight to the shop floor. 

#5 Segment Your Email Lists

Email segmentation breaks up your entire lead and client list into smaller groups of similar subscribers according to: 

  • Geography
  • Demographics
  • Behavior
  • Consumer or client type
  • Behavioral patterns

Doing this helps further personalize your messaging, and it enables you to craft stronger, more targeted content that speaks directly to each subset.  

Step Up Your Email Marketing Game

Email marketing can be one of the most lucrative channels a manufacturer has. But only if they step up their game. These tips above are a good start—but they’re just the start. 

Semgeeks can help propel your email marketing campaign forward. 

We work alongside you to craft a marketing plan that’s tailor-made to your manufacturing brand. Whether it’s workflow strategy, content creation services, delivery and execution, or analytics, our team can position you for success. 

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