One of the best ways to get people to take advantage of your offer is by creating a sense of urgency. People make purchase decisions based on emotion. The longer a person waits to buy something, the more likely they are to talk themselves out of it. You can probably relate. I know I’m much more likely to jump on something if I know that time is limited. Those lightning deals on Amazon – they always win me over.

Are you looking to create more urgency for your own products and services? Check out five ways that you can get people amped up to make a purchase.

1. Set a Deadline

The best way to push a quick sale is to set a deadline. If a shopper knows that there is no rush to buy your product or sale, they’re more likely to put it aside and not follow through. Get in front of shoppers by giving them an offer they can’t refuse. Amazon’s Limited Time Deals include a countdown clock along with the original price and sale price. It’s hard to pass up when you know you only have a matter of hours to make a decision.

2. Use FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

No one wants to be left out of something. If you can create the illusion that your product is hard to come by – or soon will be- you can get people to act quick. If they wait, they could end up missing out, and no one wants that! Going back to Amazon, you’ll notice that they put the quantities on limited inventories. It will say something like, “Only 10 left in stock. Order soon.” If you’re contemplating an item, you’re more likely to buy it on the spot if there’s only a few left.

3. Use Time-Sensitive Words

Your ad copy and call to action make a big difference in whether a customer clicks the “buy” button or not. Time-sensitive words are best for creating urgency. Here are a few ideas – think about which ones trigger a reaction in you.

  • One time only

  • Last chance

  • Before it’s gone

  • Limited time

  • Don’t miss out

  • Hurry

  • Special offer

4. Offer an Extra Incentive

This time of the year, it doesn’t hurt to give your customers a little something extra with their purchase. Not only can it increase end-of-year sales but also create positive associations with your brand. Examples of bonus incentives include free shipping, surprise gifts, coupon packs or a trial of another product or service that you offer. This works well for cross-selling your products, too.

5. Use Numbers

Numbers work great for capturing people’s attention and getting them to consider your offer. For example, you can use numbers to show:

  • How much inventory you have left

  • How long the offer is good for

  • What percentage customers can save

  • How many customers have purchased your product

  • How many customers have “liked” your product

If you want to increase sales, the best way to be successful is to create a sense of urgency. When people feel pressured to make a decision based on a limited time offer or FOMO, they are more likely to complete the action. Of course, you don’t want to put pressure on your customers all of the time, otherwise they may feel negatively toward your brand.