Recently, I went to one of our local summer festivals. I love looking at all the vendors who always have fun things to buy. One of the vendors made delicious smelling soaps and scrubs. I asked for her website so I could order more for gifts, and she handed me her business card. Considering that nearly half of small businesses don’t have a website, I was pleasantly surprised that she had one. But when I visited the site, there was not much to be desired.

Some people think that having a website is enough, but this isn’t true. Having a poorly designed website is just as bad as having no website – maybe even worse! Websites are an investment, but they bring businesses the traffic and conversions needed to survive. Below I share five essential reasons why every website deserves a web design professional.

1. Guaranteed Professionalism

Just as there is a difference between home-baked and store-bought chocolate chip cookies, there is a difference between homemade and professionally designed websites. In order for your business to look credible and trustworthy, you must have a fast, efficient and well-designed website. Plus, professional websites are safe and secure, giving customers added confidence in your products.

2. Create a Custom Design

Web builders have great templates you can use, but they are not one of a kind. This means that other businesses are out there using the same design as you! To give your website a distinct appearance, a custom design is needed. A web design agency brings together top talent to create beautiful, thoughtful designs with custom code. No other site will look or function like yours!

3. Latest Technology

Web trends change all the time. Unless you study these trends on a daily basis, it’s hard to know which practices are worth following and which can be ignored. Hiring a professional web design agency takes the hard work out of it. These professionals keep on top of cutting-edge technology and how it aligns with the latest trends. Expect your site to load quickly and perform well on all devices.

4. Optimize for Search

Your website has a job to do. Aside from looking and acting professional, it must also be discoverable in the search engines. A web design agency usually has staff that specializes in SEO. These team members identify the best words and phrases to use in your content so that it can be found by your target audience.

5. Save Time and Money

Do you really have hours in your day to study the latest web design trends, security features and SEO tactics? Let your web designer do what they do best while you focus on delivering a great product or service. Not only does this save time but money as well. You’ll have more time to close sales, and the traffic your site gets will be higher in quality and more likely to convert.

If you have any doubt that your current website isn’t up to par, get in touch with a web development professional from SEMGeeks to discuss its pros and cons. A beautiful, professionally designed website is likely within reach!