Mother’s Day is right around the corner. If that made you think, “I need to get Mom something!”, advertisers are doing something right.

Let’s face it. Moms love just about anything their children give them. Sure, a day at the spa may sound a lot more attractive than a handmade coupon book for free hugs, but moms see the thought first. Still, this holiday racked up $23.6 billion last year, according to the National Retail Foundation. This means that buying gifts for Mom is very much alive.

Below we share five of our favorite Mother’s Day campaigns and why we love them.

1. Brawny: Once a mother, always a giant.

Every mother knows she can’t get by without a dependable roll of paper towels. That’s why the Brawny Mother’s Day campaign rocked it. The commercial was filmed through the eyes of toddlers who know how to make a mess while their patient, loving mothers clean up after them. The commercial was not done with actors, either. Brawny called for real families to be in the video. The ad was funny, relatable, and genuine – all things moms love.

2. Ulta: Makeup advice from moms.

Last year, Ulta launched a campaign with the hashtag #PamperHerWithPretty. The campaign had two parts: one was to encourage customers to shower their mothers in beauty products. The other was to ask people to share beauty advice their mothers had given them. Ulta put together a sweet ad highlighting these tips, along with the Instagram handles of their contributors. The campaign fostered an emotional bond, resulting in long-lasting brand loyalty.

3. Pampers: Midnight Mother’s Day

Being a mother is not a 9-5 job. It’s a 24/7 job, and it doesn’t end when the kids turn 18. That’s why this Pampers commercial is so relatable, as it shows a raw glimpse into the world of parenting. The commercial was filmed during the night when some of the dirtiest work takes place. It was aired on TV, online, and social media from 12-5 am on Mother’s Day only. The text on the commercial reads, “They might not be able to say it. So let us be the first, Happy Mother’s Day.”

4. HP: With every child, a mother is born.

HP has rebranded itself as a powerful print source for beautiful, tangible images. This ad starts off with a young couple printing their sonogram picture. It progresses through the early years of their life as their child grows, with all photos being printed on HP’s Sprocket. The commercial was released on social media with the tagline, “With every child, a mother is born. Reinvent joy.”

5. Crocs: One-of-a-kind mothers.

In April of last year, Crocs launched a campaign called #ComeAsYouAre. The campaign inspired comfort and individuality while featuring brand advocate Drew Barrymore. In honor of Mother’s Day, the brand asked customers to share Instagram posts about what made their moms one of a kind. The winner of the contest was given a personalized audio recording from Drew Barrymore – quite the gift!

There you have it. Five of our favorite Mother’s Day campaigns. Now go buy your mother a gift.