On ABC’s Emmy Award-winning show, Shark Tank, entrepreneurs have just a few minutes to pitch their idea to a panel of investors, better known as “the Sharks.” For anyone who has watched the show, these few minutes are hardly straightforward. The Sharks ask tough questions (some more than others!) and grill the business owners for sales, projected growth, and more. In the end, only a few make it out of the Tank with an offer.

What is it that makes some brands stand out more than others? A lot has to do with the visuals: the presentation, the look of the products and the logo. After watching endless hours of Shark Tank, I’d like to share five of my favorite logo designs and why I think they are effective and memorable.

1. The Beebo

The beebo is a brilliant parenting hack. This hands-free bottle feeding solution allows parents to multi-task because it frees up the hands. Hey, Moms and Dads have stuff to do! The beebo logo is effective at speaking to its audience. It features lowercase typography with soft lines, a turtle graphic, and subtle gray tones. Most importantly, it looks effortless and not like it’s trying too hard, which is what parenting is all about!

2. O’dang Hummus

I love brands that aren’t afraid to be sassy. It’s hard to pull off at times, but the brands that can master it end up looking untouchable. Such is the case with O’dang Hummus, a company that sells a range of healthy sauces and dressings. The logo features a vibrant green background and fun, energetic typography. For some reason, you just know it’s going to be good. If the company put this much time into their logo, they have surely taken the time to experiment with different ethnic flavors.  

3. The Two Guys Bowtie Company

I once thought the bowtie trend was dead. I was wrong. The Two Guys Bowtie Company introduced their modern take on this trend and succeeded. The company also carries other gentleman’s products like fedoras and beard care kits. The logo is equally thoughtful and impressive as it uses the graphic of a bow tie and simple black and white colors. The typography balances a sophisticated charm with modern flavor, much like the bowtie trend itself.

4. Three Jerks Jerky

What I appreciate about this logo is not its crisp, fresh appearance but its ability to convey a message. Beef jerky can be found in gas stations, supermarkets, dollar stores, etc. But, Three Jerks Jerky found a way to separate their product from others. Made from beef tenderloin, it’s more flavorful and less tough. The logo is done in simple brown tones but looks outdoorsy with a wildlife graphic and the tagline, “The Original Filet Mignon Beef Jerky.” Is your mouth watering yet?

5. Simply Fit Board

The Simply Fit Board puts a new twist (no pun intended) on working out. Affordably priced and available in bright colors, it’s appealing for anyone who is looking to tone the tummy and upper legs. The logo features a bright green color and curvy, energetic typography. If you don’t particularly enjoy working out, the Simply Fit Board gives you hope!

In the Shark Tank, only the strong survive. This isn’t too different from the real world. If you want to get your brand noticed, you need a strong logo that effortlessly ties your brand’s shapes, colors, fonts, and imagery together.