Even the best blogger can end up in a blogging rut, unable to think of any new ideas. It’s important not to let this interrupt your normal routine. If readers expect a new post every Saturday and it isn’t there for a couple of weeks, many of them will stop coming back to your blog. Fortunately, these ideas may be able to help you get started on the next entry:

1. Look for recent news and events related to your blog’s subject. If you find something relevant and interesting, write about it. Describe what happened and give your analysis or opinion of the event. For example, someone blogging about photography might comment on the recent bankruptcy of Eastman Kodak and predict the company’s future.

2. Write a review. Depending upon your blog’s topic, you might review a book, a kitchen appliance, a restaurant, or any number of things. Some bloggers use services that supply free products to review. Even if your blog isn’t about shopping, there is probably something relevant that you can review. For instance, an environmentalist blogger could review a movie or a radio program about coal mining.

3. Look at previous entries in your archive. Try to find subjects that you could expand upon or update. Perhaps you reviewed a stereo system several years ago; you might post a new entry about your experience with it in the long-term. Likewise, if you posted about a new law some time ago, you could update readers on the actual effect of the law.

4. Keep an eye out for new subject matter. You may find it just about anywhere. Look through magazines, visit the library, listen to the radio, browse catalogs; something will probably inspire you. To some extent, the right place to look depends upon your blog. If you have a blog about food, a cookbook or cooking show might give you ideas.

5. Some topics are simply too narrow to provide enough material for a blog. If you still can’t escape your blogging rut, it may be time to transition your blog to a new subject. The new topic should be related and considerably broader. Try to find a subject that your existing readers will be interested in; read their comments for ideas.

Have you ever gotten into a blogging rut? How did you get yourself out of it?