This time of the year has magic in the air. It’s the perfect time to take a step back and let those around you know how much you appreciate them. Don’t worry – you don’t have to add these people to your ever-growing holiday gift list. A simple holiday card is enough to remind people that you value them.

Your professional network is probably pretty awesome. Here are five holiday cards that you should be sending out this winter season.

1. A heartfelt letter to your boss.

We know that not everyone has a five-star relationship with their boss, but we’re confident that everyone can think of a few nice things to say. After all, this person keeps you employed, teaches you new lessons and builds up your skills.

Let your boss know that you value working for them, and give specific examples of ways their management style has enhanced your career. You may even have certain attributes you want to call attention to, such as their patience, responsiveness or motivation. A heartfelt message shows character, which can help out if you need a recommendation or referral later in your career.

2. A friendly greeting to your coworkers.

Coworkers often become like family. You spend all day with them, and they get to see you on your good days and bad days. Take some time to write out holiday cards that let your coworkers know how much you enjoy working with them. This can strengthen existing relationships and boost those that are slower to develop. We all need a good friend at the office.

3. A thank you note to your mentors.

Mentors are those who have given you career advice, such as someone you met at a networking event or a professional in the industry. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t spoken to this person in months – it’s always nice to let someone know that they made a difference in your life. Plus, now you may have exciting news to share, such as landing your dream job.

4. A holiday greeting to your clients (and well wishes for the New Year).

Without your clients, you wouldn’t reach your goals and contribute to the growing success of your company. Let your clients know how much you appreciate their loyalty to your business. If you have exciting goals to share, include them in these successes. Also, let your clients know that you are looking forward to another successful year. This reassures them that you plan on staying put.

5. A sincere thank you to your vendors, suppliers and wholesalers.

If you work closely with wholesalers, vendors or suppliers, it’s a nice gesture to reach out to them over the holidays. If it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t be able to deliver a great product or service. Plus, it’s nice to connect with vendors and suppliers because it helps you to be on the same page. The best partnerships are built on trust and honesty!

Many people think that personalized holiday cards are a thing of the past, but I have to disagree. Maybe fewer people take the time to send out custom cards, but that makes them all the more rare. A heartfelt message can go a long way in strengthening working relationships and boosting your career and professional network.