I often hear smaller businesses say that they can’t compete with larger competitors in terms of visual content. If you feel the same way, I have news for you. Small and midsize businesses have the same chances of succeeding with visual content as the big brands. All you need to get started is a clever idea, an image editing tool and content distribution channels.

Today I’d like to focus on infographics and how they can boost your digital marketing strategy. Let’s dig in.

1. Elevate Your Landing Pages

Your landing pages are meant to convert visitors, so you may include bulleted lists to highlight your value propositions. While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, you could present the information in a more fascinating way with an infographic.

Infographics use color, short copy and visuals to illustrate instructions, spotlight fun facts and tell stories. By having an infographic to support your landing page, you can instill trust and credibility, build loyalty and increase conversions.

2. Spice Up Your Newsletters

Are you ever short on ideas for your monthly newsletters? Infographics make great newsletters – they’re colorful, informational and easy to share. You can create a new infographic for this purpose or repurpose one that you already have.

If you choose to repurpose an infographic, start by cropping out the sections that you want to use. Choose your header and footer, the main body and the images. Then, use a template from an email platform like MailChimp. This saves an incredible amount of time and creates something appealing and useful for your audience.

3. Liven Up Your Instagram Posts

Instagram is a great platform for sharing infographics – they are pictures, after all! Using the Instagram app, identify the parts of your infographic that are worth sharing. By breaking up the content into multiple posts, you’ll have plenty of social media content to keep followers engaged.

When you know what you want to share, use the cropping tool. Don’t forget to add a clever caption and your website’s URL.

4. Create Shareable Slideshows

Last on our list is slideshows. We love slideshows because they add flavor to a content marketing strategy and make it easier to retain information. Each slide should feature short snippets of information along with supporting visuals.

If you enjoy creating slideshows for your audience, things just got a lot easier. Use your infographics as inspiration for your slideshows. Crop the sections that you want to use, choose the images that clarify your message and build a presentation using PowerPoint or SlideShare.

Infographics are more than a viral-worthy content piece. As you’ve read, they support your digital marketing strategy in dozens of ways. Imagine what just one infographic can do for you!