Do you love holiday music? I must admit – I do. It’s a great way to put me in the holiday spirit. I guess it’s a good thing considering that retailers start playing these tunes earlier and earlier every year. Walk into Best Buy towards the end of October and you’ll hear holiday music. Ulta, Office Depot and Walmart follow soon after. By Thanksgiving, all the big box stores have Rudolph blaring through the speakers.

Knowing that businesses all around us will soon be getting into the holiday spirit, doesn’t it make sense that yours does, too? Below I share four essential tips for getting your mobile site ready for the 2018 holiday season. A little preparation goes a long way in serving your seasonal customers.

1. Simplify Your Site’s Navigation

The goal of your mobile site is to help shoppers find what they need in as few clicks as possible. Use high-level tabs to inform visitors and let them know what they can find on your site. Also, provide shoppers with shortcuts to simplify their path to conversion. Use features such as hamburger menus, drop-down categories, shopping cart shortcuts and search bar shortcuts.

2. Streamline the Checkout Process

A streamlined checkout process boosts conversions. Personally, I get frustrated when I have to fill out a bunch of information and then something prevents me from completing the purchase, such as a password that’s not strong enough. I also like using the autofill option, but I need to know that my information will be secure.

Aside from a streamlined checkout process and extra security, a few add-ons can boost conversions. I recommend the following add-ons:

  • Free delivery options

  • In-store pickup options

  • Gift wrapping

  • Promo codes

  • Newsletter signup for future offers

3. Add Seasonal Images

Too many images can slow down your site, but you want shoppers to make confident purchase decisions. Try to work with the images you already have on your site. A festive filter or border can give them a quick seasonal touch. If you add more photos, follow these tips.

  • Resize images before adding them to your site

  • Optimize images using compression tools

  • Choose lazy-loading images

4. Insert Holiday-Related Content  

Consider the journey that an average holiday shopper will take on your site. To ensure that shoppers stay in the funnel, add holiday-related content in relevant places, such as an infographic on popular holiday gifts. Your site should be responsive, but give extra attention to those who convert on mobile. This may include easy online ordering, colorful CTA buttons and multiple payment options (PayPal, Apple Pay, credit cards).

When it comes to mobile shopping, simple is best. Imagine customers sitting on their couches, watching TV and browsing your site. Make things easy for them by including simplified navigation, fast loading pages and touches of festive content. Enjoyable, secure sites are the ones that see the most conversions over the holidays.