I may be biased, but being a dad is great. Even though we sometimes act like we’re too cool for the emotional stuff, being recognized on Father’s Day is a pretty great feeling. With that said, if you have a dad, stepdad, grandpa, brother, uncle, etc. to shop for this Father’s Day, you’ll find inspiration (and laughs) in the commercials and advertisements out there. Here are four of my personal favorites.

1. Dove Men+Care (2015)

One thing that dads never forget is the day they were told about their new status. Most of us feel a combination of excitement and fear, which isn’t unusual, considering these emotions release the same chemicals in the body. Kinda like roller coaster rides.

Anyhow, Dove Men+Care released a video called “First Fatherhood Moments” that was part of the greater #RealStrength campaign. The video captures real men finding out the news. It’s pretty great stuff, and a good reminder that there is caring in strength.

2. Google’s “Love Letters” Campaign (2016)

In the United States, 2.7 million children have a parent behind bars. The number of children in this situation has grown five-fold between 1980 and 2012. On an ordinary Father’s Day, these dads are mostly forgotten, at least in the public’s eye.

In 2016, Google teamed up with several other groups to launch the “Love Letters” campaign to help kids send letters to their dads in prison. It was promoted by the Health Happens Here YouTube channel. While there are always varying opinions on the matter, it was uplifting to see young children tell their stories. As the campaign mentions, children who stay connected to their fathers are less likely to be incarcerated themselves.

3. Combatant Gentlemen’s #ByeByeDadJeans (2014)

This one still stands out in my mind. We all know a dad or two that has trouble letting go of his favorite pair of jeans. They’re probably worn, outdated and not even close to the size he wears now. Combatant Gentlemen launched the #ByeByeDadJeans contest to help one lucky dad.

To participate in the contest, participants had to share photos of the most terrible dad jeans they’ve seen on social media. The person who posted the worst dad jeans took home three new pairs of denim to give to Dad. Combatant Gentlemen did a great job of being relevant and timely with their campaign.

4. National Football League (2016)

If there’s one thing that can make a man cry, it’s football. In this campaign, the top 2016 draftees were given advice and congratulations from their dads. It’s something we all dream of but only few get to experience.

Another adorable video from the NFL features NFL Stars’ kids talking openly about why they love their dads. To us, Drew Brees, Antonio Brown, Ryan Kalil and Vince Wilfork may be stars, but to their kids, they’re just everyday dads.

I hope you enjoyed reading about these Father’s day campaigns. They’re great reminders of the importance of spending time with good ole’ dad.