With 2012 being such an exciting year for mobile app technology, we can only expect that 2013 will bring about the same positive trends. Technology continues to evolve, yes, but marketers are always facing new challenges, so we never know what type of platform we’ll be working off of.

For instance, one of the biggest changes to the app world has been the flood of mobile devices on the market – smartphones, tablets, laptops – not to mention all the operating systems. Developing apps that run smooth across all platforms continues to be the foundation of many emerging mobile app trends. Still, as we continue moving along in 2013, keep an open eye for the following trends so that when you’re hit with the opportunity, you’re ready to dive right in.



1. Mobile Tracking


Tracking was a big issue in 2012, and whether or not users like it, more apps are making it mandatory to track their users in exchange for using the app. Accurate and effective tracking is key. It’s becoming more important since the lower-priced smartphones and tablets have brought in a new generation of customers. With tracking, you learn about your users’ usage habits and can better optimize a marketing scheme.  


2. Mobile Payment



Fast, simple, secure. Mobile payment represents the direction we’ll be moving in over the next few years. Businesses that sell a product or service will need to integrate the most recent payment channels that will enable a fast and efficient transaction experience. Since this technology is still in its infancy, and many are hesitant to make purchases over their phone, you will want to add incentives for buying that are only available through your app.


3. Real-Time Bidding


Apple’s Advertising Identifier has made it easier for businesses to target users who will be most beneficial to their campaign. With this software, companies can implement real-time bidding that specifically targets inactive users to re-interest them in your service. Apple’s software is brilliant, really. Instead of spending time on people who would never use your product, you are going after those who once had interest, but for whatever reason, need something to reel them back in.



4. Big Data


You probably aren’t surprised to see big data on the list, especially considering that it’s on every technology trend list. Yet big data deserves its fair share of attention since the mobile marketing community is utilizing it for a myriad of reasons, such as tracking campaigns, studying user behavior and determining where to allocate mobile advertising budgets. The bottom line is that thanks to big data, businesses can now familiarize themselves with a host of information that was once unavailable.