Building an email list is harder than it looks. Not only do you have to obtain email addresses from their owners, but also you have to capture visitors who are most likely to be your customers. There’s no point in having a bunch of emails if the owners are just going to ignore or delete them.

To build a successful email list, you need a point-of-capture API on your website. A point-of-capture refers to the first time data is collected from the visitor, and it’s meant to be easy and non-disruptive. Not sure how to make this happen? We have a few effective strategies for you to check out below.

4 Ways to Capture More Email Addresses

Try any of these four strategies to capture contact information from your visitors without being bothersome.

1. Place a CTA at the bottom of your content.

At the end of each content piece, insert a CTA. Since it’s at the bottom, it won’t distract visitors while engaging with your content. This is far better than having a big pop-up disrupt visitors mid-sentence. Plus, if people have stuck around long enough to finish the content, they are more likely to convert.

2. Personalize opt-in offers.

Personalization always improves the user experience. Provide users with a sign-up form that is relevant to what they are reading about. For example, if a prospect is reading a blog about starting their own ecommerce business, you can request that they sign up for a free ebook on how to grow their ecommerce startup.

3. Show opt-in forms at the right time.

To improve conversions, you must show the opt-in form at the right time. Here are a few considerations.

  • Average time on page. How long are visitors staying on your page? A good time to show an opt-in form is when the visitor has been on your page for 50-60% of their total time.

  • User behavior. You can also measure engagement by behavior. For instance, did the user scroll below the fold? Did they engage with a certain item?

  • Match your funnel. Let visitors know what they can get by signing up for your email. Exclusive content, special offers and a welcome discount code are all great ideas. Offer these incentives at the right time in the funnel.

4. Insert a sign-up form on your sidebar.

Another great place for your email opt-in form is the sidebar. The sidebar floats with the content so that it doesn’t leave your visitor’s sightline. When they are ready, they can easily sign up to receive your emails. They don’t have to be interrupted, and they have control over when they want to opt in.

The best ways to capture leads is by having point-of-capture forms. These forms are strategic, subtle and easy to fill out, allowing you to grow your email list with people who are most likely to be customers.