One of the most effective frameworks I’ve come across for PPC is in this Moz article. The method is simple and straightforward: 1) make choosing you easy, 2) show customers you care, and 3) encourage loyal customers. Of course, this is easier said than done, but the message is honest. PPC does impact your bottom line, and by following these three steps, customers in all stages of the funnel can be reached.

Let’s review these three important ways to grow your brand with PPC.

1. Make it easy for brands to choose YOU.

The best brands understand their audiences well. They know what frustrates their customers, and they know the solutions they’re looking for. People in a hurry want fast fixes, so a PPC ad that delivers all the right information will win.

To make it easy for people to choose you and not your competitors, here are a few things to keep in mind for your PPC ads:

  • Ad copy. Choose copy that is compelling but easy to understand, such as taglines like “Free Shipping”, “Free Returns”, “Voted #1” and so on.

  • Sitelinks. Your sitelinks should read easily. The best ads organize sitelinks based on the customer’s anticipated needs.

  • Indirect brand terms. Your ads will show up for branded searches, which is great. But for more exposure, bid on longer tail keywords to build an association between related products and your brand.

  • Multiple options. Give customers multiple ways to choose you by including information like your location and various buying options (in-store or online).

2. Let your audience know you care.

When brands show they care, consumers are more likely to stick around. Even when they get mad, people feel that caring brands will make things right. So, be there when it counts – when customers are frustrated.

Think about it. Most people go online to find solutions to their problems. If you can anticipate your audience’s pain points, you’ll be the first one there to help. One way to do this is by running ads for the words and phrases people use when they’re venting about a business. If a customer goes online to complain, your ad can diffuse the situation. Be careful, though, as you don’t want to brag.

3. Encourage loyal customers.

It’s nice when people run into your brand online, but ultimately, you want them to become loyal customers. This can be done in a couple of ways.

First, show customers retargeted ads. If a person liked you enough to buy once, they may be willing to buy again. Nudge them along with smarter remarketing strategies, such as by showing them an ad when they might be low on the product. Incentives like discounts, special offers, and free shipping work well, too.

Second, be prepared to rain on the parade. Your competitors’ parades, that is. Run ads on your competitors’ brand names and highlight your unique selling point. You can get a lot of attention by doing this, especially if you find a clever way to redirect the attention to your brand without gloating.

PPC is more than showing ads to consumers. It’s a way to move people through the funnel while sharing your unique story. To set up a PPC campaign that delivers real results, contact the PPC strategists from SEMGeeks today.