Pay per click for higher EDU can get tricky because of budget constraints and the number of touches it takes to initiate a conversation. Some higher education keywords are expensive, so some days it doesn’t take long to run through your budget. You can’t skip out on PPC altogether, so you must be smart about the strategies you use.

Let’s check out three pay per click strategies that work well for higher education.

1. Take Advantage of Remarketing

When prospects see your ads, chances are they won’t be overly familiar with your program. You can create great ads with great copy that entice users to click, but they probably won’t convert. This is where remarketing can be extremely helpful.

When a user clicks on an ad but doesn’t convert, you can begin the nurturing process. They visited for some reason and could eventually convert. Retarget these users and show them ads for your program. This will keep your school at the front of their minds as they go about the research phase.

Also, don’t forget about remarketing on Facebook. Facebook offers a remarketing platform that lets you leverage leads to increase new customers. The best part is, you don’t have to send them to a landing page!

2. Create a Dedicated Campaign for Each Discipline

To be successful in your PPC strategy, you must break down the specific components of your program. Sit down and create a list of your school’s offerings and break them up into specific campaigns, ad groups and keywords.

There are some parts of your program that won’t attract much attention, but others will. Your low-impression terms might be your best performers in terms of conversions. Since CPCs can vary greatly based on the area of study, keeping the terms separate makes it easier to control your budget.

3. Use the Display Network

The Display Network is a way to serve ads to audiences that might not be looking for your product or service. There are several different avenues to take with the Display Network, with one of the best targeting method to use being Gmail Ads.

Gmail Ads are the emails at the top of a user’s inbox. You can use this type of targeting to reach people who are researching programs from other schools. You can also target people who are already receiving emails from you. Think of it as a way to enhance your current email marketing funnel.

When it comes to creating a PPC strategy for higher EDU, you must be smart about where your dollars go. By utilizing remarketing, breaking down your ad groups and running targeted search campaigns, you can make the most out of your budget.