When it comes to your digital marketing strategy, your ultimate goal is to reach the top of Google search. You can accomplish that feat in one of two ways: organically via SEO or through a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign with these Google Ad Tips.  

While organic SEO is essential, it can take time to make a noticeable impact. But with customizable Google Ads, you can experience tangible results practically overnight—so long as you follow these three tips. 

Google Ad Tip #1 Conversions Over Clicks 

The goal of a PPC campaign isn’t just to garner as many clicks as possible. In fact, the opposite is true. 

Remember, every click costs you money. 

So, if a person is clicking, they’d better be converting. For instance, a campaign that receives 10,000 clicks but only results in 100 conversions would be less profitable than a campaign that receives 100 clicks and garners 20 conversions.  

Most brands won’t benefit from a PPC campaign with broad appeal—not compared to a campaign with a focused approach that directly applies to the target audience. 

To narrow the scope of your Google ads, you must first build detailed consumer personas. Doing so empowers your team to better understand: 

  • Who you are targeting
  • What channels they use
  • How they search for your brand
  • What messaging appeals 

Once that’s accomplished, you’ll be better positioned to create an optimal keyword bidding strategy based on that persona’s search intent. 

Google Ad Tip #2 Don’t Overbid, Especially On Generic Search Words

Generic keywords may be more popular to search, but they’ll also cost a lot more. 

That’s because every one of your competitors is also likely vying for those top words. As a result of these bidding wars, the prices tend to shoot up. 

For instance “best mesothelioma lawyer,” costs a whopping $935.71 per click. 

Landing the most popular search terms is rarely profitable, especially if you’re not a major brand. Instead, long tail and hyper-specific keywords will reduce your total cost per click. Ideally, you want keywords that are relevant to your brand, relevant to your audience, and location-based (depending on your business).  

For example, a longer, more specific keyword related to this topic like “Mesothelioma lawyer in New Jersey” would likely still be expensive, but less so because of the location qualifier. Even then, you could make it even more targeted by changing it from the state to a city within New Jersey like Newark or Trenton. 

That said, the one place you should consider paying a premium is for branded keywords directly related to your business and its identity. Otherwise, a competitor could buy your branded keywords and redirect your customers to their site. 

Google Ad Tip #3 Customize Landing Pages for Relevance

If there’s a theme to these tips, it’s that a generic approach to Google ads isn’t profitable. Everything should be tailored to your target audience. 

Continuing along those lines, once you do entice someone to click on the page, you need to convert them into a paying customer. Your landing page is where that conversion process will (or won’t) happen. 

If you want to increase the odds of customers converting, then the landing page should be relevant and engaging to that specific person. 

Do not use the same generic landing page for all of your keywords! 

Instead, optimize the landing pages by making the message of the ads align with the landing page message. As Search Engine Journal notes, “Maintaining consistency between your keywords, ad copy, and landing pages should improve both your click-through and conversion rates while lowering your CPC.” 

Semgeeks: Your PPC Marketing Agency

The profit formula for Google Ads is really quite simple: prioritize quality over quantity and conversions over clicks. Specificity and relevance are more cost-effective than generic PPC keywords and landing pages.  

That said, the bidding game isn’t won with a single strategy. It requires a comprehensive campaign that leverages consumer behavioral data, tracking metrics, and Google Ad experience. 

That’s where Semgeeks can make the difference. 

As a PPC marketing agency, we know exactly how to build a PPC campaign that maximizes ROI. Whether it’s for Google Ads, paid social, Amazon marketing, or higher education, our team of experts can help you craft a campaign that garners the right clicks.   


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