If you’re not one to schmooze, networking with others can feel out of your element. Fortunately, we are no longer living in the dark ages when the only way to meet others was to mingle over dinners, networking events and PowerPoint presentations. Today, there are many great networking apps that allow you to grow your professional network.

Are you ready to meet new people? Here are three great business networking apps that will help you do just that – and you don’t have to leave the office.

1. Lets Lunch

Lets Lunch is a face-to-face app, but don’t let that discourage you from using it. Face-to-face interactions are an important part of developing personal relationships. The idea behind the LetsLunch app is to build deeper connections with industry professionals. It’s a great way to discover new opportunities in your field, grow your customer base and increase productivity and innovation.

Even better, the app is easy to use. Connect with your LinkedIn profile and let your contacts know when you’re able to meet. And, if it turns out the contact is local and you want to meet in person, LetsLunch will offer some recommendations of where to go.

2. CircleBack

Keeping your address book up to date is a big job. CircleBack will help you out. The app updates all contact information and removes duplicate entries. And, if there is missing information, CircleBack can identify it and update outdated contacts. Overall, it’s like having a secretary working on your behalf!

Another perk to CircleBack is its business card scanning feature. The app scans business cards and automatically uploads the information to your address book. Imagine the number of connections you can make without having to lift a finger – or take any time away from your bigger objectives.

3. Shapr

The Shapr app lets you connect with the right people. Consider it a matchmaker tool – just not for dating. The app uses an intuitive algorithm to track tagged locations, interests and professional experience. This data is then used to suggest 10-15 new profiles each day.

The best part about Shapr is it’s not random. You won’t get unsolicited requests to chat – matches are only made when interests are mutual. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, ideas, capital, mentorship or partnerships, you will find meaningful connections on Shapr.

Aren’t we lucky that we have these types of networking tools? Test them out today and discover the relationships that you can build over the phone.