January 1, 2021

To our fellow stakeholders,

In an age of global interdependency, 2020 was a year that tested what it means to truly deliver for customers, consumers and communities; and how companies can and should operate in a crisis. Although this year has taught us that no business is 100% resilient, those fortified by digital technology are stronger and more capable of transforming when faced with sweeping changes like those we are experiencing.


The way people interact with businesses is fundamentally shifting, and there is no going back. We are helping organizations navigate the response, recovery, and reimagine phases, equipping them to stay open for business and to innovate. We have witnessed years of digital transformation in mere months.

Our integrated operating approach enables us to draw on the full capabilities of Semgeek’s expertise in order to provide industry-leading problem solving and solutions. Going forward, ingenuity like this will help us find new ways to fulfill our purpose.


In such a challenging environment, we have anchored ourselves to our purpose and our values. Our success is dependent on our customers’ success, and we need to obsess about them—listening and then innovating to meet their unmet and unarticulated needs. No customer of ours cares about our organizational boundaries, and we need to operate as One Semgeek to deliver the best solutions for them.

Yet despite all these challenges, what the past year has taught us is that we are capable of much more than we previously thought. We are grateful to our employees, customers and other partners who have shown us this. If we commit to being customer obsessed, we believe there is no limit to what we can achieve.


Most importantly, we have a dedicated team propelling us forward. They have persevered even as their work routines and personal lives have been heavily disrupted.

Digital technology is one of the most malleable tools and is at an inflection point where it will be key in defining what comes next. We believe that businesses that use it to build their own digital capability will recover faster and emerge stronger.

Over the next decade, technology spending as a percentage of GDP is projected to double. And, we are well positioned to not only participate in that growth yet drive it by expanding our impact and implementing solutions that empower organizations to achieve more.

Every big idea starts with a small step forward and we are excited to embrace 2021.


The Semgeeks Company

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