To our fellow stakeholders,

Thank you. Yes, thank you for all your support, as the success we achieved in 2018 is just a reflection of the trust you have in us.

The world we operate in is changing faster than ever before. The traditional expectations for digital solutions are breaking down all across our economy. We are committed to continuing to build the type of company that treats all constituencies – our clients, our employees, our vendors and partners, and our communities – with honor and respect through these four cornerstones:

Active Customer Engagement

Semgeeks will continue our proactive approach of working with our customers to understand their current challenges and future requirements to help establish the best solution to support their digital landscape.

Our Methodology

  • Diagnose – determine current capabilities and define the business need
  • Design – plan the future state of capabilities and chart a path to get there
  • Develop – creating a learning experience that works
  • Deliver – obsessed with project management and exceeding client expectations
  • Drive – ensure solutions continuously create impact


Our human capital is the life blood for how we successfully staff and fulfill our customers’ requirements. Through this key principle SG will continue to make heavy investments into training, retaining and motivating our highly qualified team members to be as knowledgeable, prepared, organized and experienced as possible to meet our customers’ requirements today and in the future.

Beating the Market

For many years, customers have understood just how difficult it is to outperform the web on a consistent basis. Most digital studies show that very few agencies can generate market-beating returns over time and it is almost impossible for customers to identify who those agencies might be in advance.

Proper planning, production execution, data interpretation, and proactive strategizing – all factors that have driven success over time and all within our control. In our opinion, no agency in the industry is doing more to support these essential ingredients of smart consulting.

The Power of Scale

The world we operate in is not only changing rapidly, it is increasingly complex. It is fraught with the threat of competition and it demands oversight as never before. And yet, at the same time, customers expect and deserve outstanding service and world class value. How can digital agencies deliver on these seemingly conflicting objectives? One critical factor is efficiency. Operating with greater efficiency means that we can deliver on our commitments and still achieve outstanding results for our clientele. We hope that through these efforts we can continue our hard work ethic, high morality and overall commitment to our team and customers. So we will close where we started – with a sincere thank you. Thank you, as your trust and confidence have helped us build a remarkable company, one whose future has never been brighter!


The Semgeeks Company

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