We’re pretty excited about a new year, but that’s probably because we’re in the marketing industry. Things change incredibly fast in this field, and our team is always on the lookout for new and exciting trends. Not only do we put these trends into practice for ourselves, but also our clients. This is how we continue to grow and provide the very best service at the Jersey Shore.

Now that the ball has dropped and 2018 is officially here, we’d like to point out some of the top trends in the marketing industry that are already making waves. Not beach waves, of course. More like frozen waves. But still, it’s exciting.

Savvy Personalization

Personalization is a buzzword. We hear it all the time, and the more “personalized” we can get, the better. But what does personalization really mean? Is it more than adding a name and a customized message to an email? You bet.

Thanks to big data, you can gather information and learn about the individual preferences of each customer. By analyzing the data, you can anticipate their needs as they go through the buyer journey and prevent them from leaving the funnel. All of this is personalization.

Automation is another piece to the pie, as you can successfully send customized messages to your various audiences. With simpler, more affordable automation software, big data and attentive marketers expect to see personalization be incredibly savvy but subtle in 2018.

Gender-Neutral Marketing

There’s no question that gender norms are being challenged. According to new research, the majority of millennials surveyed said that gender should not be defining and that people should not feel pressured to follow traditional gender roles. With this in mind, brands are getting more heat when they market their products specifically to boys or girls, men or women. (Even toy companies are criticized for making girl toys “pink” and boy toys “blue.”)

In 2018, plan on seeing more gender-neutral marketing campaigns. Part of this will be to appeal to a wider audience, but brands also intend on building stronger relationships. Eliminating gender stereotypes and creating campaigns that appeal to everyone will ultimately please a large audience.


In a world where people are constantly bombarded with ads, offers, push notifications, and more, every second spent with a customer counts. You are not the center of their world, and you don’t instantly win their trust or attention because you have a neat offer or something interesting to share. That’s why you must make the most of every moment.

Micro-moments can be any small moment in time when you have a person’s attention. This could be during the research phase, the discovery phase, or the purchase phase. In reality, most customers don’t go through the buyer journey uninterrupted. It usually takes a bunch of small interactions spread out over time. Anticipate more brands to act on micro-moments by delivering responsive, relevant, and timely content.

#NoFilter Storytelling

One of the best ways for brands to separate themselves from the competition is by being themselves. People enjoy seeing their favorite brands in a raw, authentic form, which is why marketing tactics like live streaming and #nofilter storytelling are becoming more popular.

The reason why consumers love #nofilter storytelling is because it’s genuine. Sure, it may not be as perfect as it could with airbrushed details and polished accents, but this isn’t real life. It’s similar to when viewing an outfit online. Do you want to see that outfit on a perfectly shaped and postured model or a real person? Expect to see more brands do away with the amplified content and focus more on real-life storytelling.

It’s early in the year, but we can safely say that the trends listed above are already making waves. Be sure to include them in your own digital marketing strategy when the time is right.