The social media industry continues to undergo massive changes that benefit both consumers and marketers. For example, Instagram Shopping allows users to make instant purchases, while Facebook Spaces lets users connect in VR. Bringing consumers and businesses together is a natural advantage of social media, but it can be difficult for brands to know where to put their dollars. Is it worth it to add more augmented reality to your campaigns, or should you focus on messaging platforms?

As we move further into 2018, let’s explore some of the hottest social media trends to add to your strategy.

Influencer Marketing

It’s clear that traditional advertising methods are not the best ways to connect with consumers. More brands are moving toward influencer marketing to spread the word about their products. This type of authentic marketing is well-received by consumers because they tend to trust their favorite Insta-celebrities over a paid advertisement.

Influencer marketing does not come free, and we can expect it to increase in price. Still, it’s worth it to allocate some of your budget to this form of marketing, as you’re able to reach a highly targeted and engaged audience.

Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of our favorite channels for developing connections. You don’t need to worry about writing too much as it’s all about the visuals. Fun filters and editing tools bring everyday photos to life.

With Instagram Stories, users can share as many photos as they want throughout the day without going overboard. The pictures and short video clips are compiled into a “Story” and disappear after 24 hours. They do not go onto your profile or your followers’ news feeds. Each month, over 200 million people use Instagram Stories, surpassing the total number of users on Snapchat.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a form of content that can be used to engage your followers. Some brands are shy when it comes to live streaming, but don’t be! It’s designed to be raw and genuine, so things don’t need to be perfectly crafted. Here are a few tips for making the most of your live streaming videos.

  • Be personal. Introduce yourself and who you’re with. Also, share your location.

  • Share the key takeaway. If you start rambling off about nothing, you’ll lose interest from viewers. Tell them immediately what they can expect to take away from the video.

  • Be professional. Follow professional standards such as dressing nicely, looking into the camera and speaking knowledgeably.

  • Be authentic. Focus on being yourself and telling the truth. Your fans are watching!

Attention for Generation Z

Remember when the millennials were all that? Meet Generation Z. The oldest Gen Zs are around 22 years old, just old enough to enter the workforce and make purchase decisions. This generation takes a liking to Instagram and Snapchat, so you can expect to find them here. Just like millennials, you’ll need to know how to market to Gen Z and find their sweet spot.

Already, we know of marketing tactics that work well for Gen Zs: influencer campaigns, social media ambassadors, and focus groups. This generation also prefers authentic people representing a business. Behind-the-scenes content and social good are effective at strengthening brand loyalty.


Social media trends are ever-evolving, but we feel that the ones listed above are worth focusing on. They won’t be losing popularity points anytime soon, and in fact, are expected to grow. Video streaming and augmented reality will likely be mainstream thanks to platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, and the Gen Zs that spend their time there.