It’s okay to admit that you’ve done a little snooping on some of your fellow competitors’ Facebook Pages. In fact, this is a good thing to do since you can get a feel for what other colleges are doing. One of the first things that will stand out is the cover photo, and a creative, high-quality photo is sure to make the Page look good. But there is much more to a Facebook Page than the cover photo. The best Facebook Pages engage their audience, run exciting campaigns and share plenty of neat photos and updates.

Let’s take a look at 13 of the best college Facebook Pages and why they stand apart from the rest.

1. University of California Berkeley

One thing that University of California Berkeley has down to a science is cross-promotion. For example, on move-in day, they asked students to post pictures using the hashtag #BerkeleyBound. Students did exactly that, creating exposure and engagement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

2. Michigan State University

Michigan State University knows their stuff when it comes to engaging their audience. To increase engagement, the Facebook Page is continuously updated to reflect the latest school activity. Their Spartan Virtual Choir campaign is one example. They launched the campaign to celebrate the song’s 100th anniversary and asked people to share interesting Facebook posts related to the song. They even updated their cover photo with the call to action “Share Your Voice.”

3. Boston College

Boston College does a nice job of bringing everyone together on their Facebook Page, not just fans and followers. They make smart use of hashtags to engage with other departments and local community resources such as the BC Police Department. For instance, they recently hosted a fun-filled evening with the Boston Pops to support school scholarships.

4. George Washington University

One thing that George Washington University loves is getting their students to share interesting stories. They recognize that their students are their biggest advocates and influencers, and they aren’t afraid to let them take charge. GWU runs frequent hashtag campaigns that encourage students to post pictures of their school pride, such as #OnlyAtGW and #PictureGW.

5. Susquehanna University

Susquehanna University is committed to its visitors, and they execute this brilliantly by including a virtual tour on their Page. It’s a great way to get prospects familiar with the campus. To explore more about the university, you can click on their Instagram feed, photos, reviews and additional videos. We also love how the university’s Page is laden with fun pics from current students.

6. Oregon State University

Oregon State University has a friendly Page that certainly delivers on the human touch. For instance, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they updated their cover photo in pink. Some of their recent photos show students participating in the Oregon State University Memorial Union Quad, jousting and rolling around in inflatable balls. Yes, there sure is fun to be had here.

7. Princeton University

Princeton University understands that it’s not just current students or alumni checking out their Page; prospective students pay a visit too. That’s why they’ve decided to make a separate tab for their admissions and financial aid department. The Page does a brilliant job of speaking to prospective students by sharing student blogs, links to frequently asked questions and an embedded video about student life at Princeton.

8. University of Texas Austin

The University of Texas Austin isn’t afraid to take advantage of new features such as Facebook’s pre-made call-to-action buttons. This feature allows Page admins to choose a CTA button from a group of seven pre-made options. UT Austin uses the “Sign Up” CTA button that links to its newsletter. This is a great way to capture leads that are interested in hearing more from the school. Plus, their cover photo is modest and simple.

9. The University of Kansas

It’s apparent that the University of Kansas is taking advantage of cross-promotion. They have an Instagram tab on their Page that will be built out soon and a videos tab that features tons of short videos for current and prospective students: Explore KU and This is KU. To kickoff the past month of October, the school shared a video on the spooky history of KU which has attracted over 115,000 views.

10. Boston University

If there’s one thing that Boston University succeeds at on Facebook, it’s videos. Facebook has been pushing the use of videos for about a year or so, and Boston University has taken the initiative. Videos take front and center on their Facebook Page, and each one is brilliantly shot and edited. Prospective students can find a wealth of information via videos and connect with current students.

11. Marquette University

Marquette University knows how to speak to students. What we appreciate is that they have a knack for simple messages that resonate with students, such as reminding them to call their parents. The “We Are Marquette” Medium Page is an excellent place for sharing stories about and by Marquette students and staff.

12. University of Georgia

Rather than putting a short blurb of text under the About section on their Facebook Page, the University of Georgia has a creative video that says it all. This is far more interesting than sticking a phone number or email address in the section and leaving it at that. If you look through their Page, you’ll also notice that the University of Georgia does a fine job of highlighting students’ accomplishments and sharing stories through Discover UGA.

13. Texas A&M

Texas A&M has a highly engaging Facebook Page with over 500,000 fans and followers, so they must be doing something right. Their Page is full of interesting posts that capture campus life, student accomplishments and staff achievements. It’s also heavy on sports, and it does a successful job of bringing together people in the community who support A&M.


By exploring the Facebook Pages of other colleges and universities, you can get a good idea of what other schools are doing to cultivate interest and drive engagement from both current students and prospective ones. Hopefully these Pages have inspired you to employ some of the same strategies for your own Page. Happy Facebooking!