Just as software programs are a necessity in the workplace, mobile apps are a necessity outside of it! Whether you are a salesperson traveling around the country, a marketing professional on the go, or a web designer gaining new perspectives, mobile apps allow you to maximize your time outside of work. New ideas can come your way anytime, and it’s important to be ready to capture them.

Here are ten of our favorite apps that boost productivity.

1. Evernote

Evernote is the ideal way to organize your life. Use the app to collect important information in a single place, including handwritten notes. The app even allows you to add additional content via links, checklists, attachments, and audio recordings.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox has two accounts: Dropbox Basic and Dropbox Business. Over 200,000 businesses use the Business version thanks to the advanced security features, live support, and easy file sharing. When you’re out on the road, send and receive large files just as you would on your laptop. Business plans start at just $12.50/month for 2TB of storage.

3. eSignature App

Everyone in the business world needs to have a dependable electronic signature app! A couple of our favorites include DocuSign or Adobe Sign that can be downloaded straight to your device. With an e-signature app, you can sign important documents no matter where you are.

4. DocScan

When you need to get a document over to someone, there’s no need to hunt down a fax machine. With an app like iPhone’s DocScan, any document can be scanned and sent within seconds. We like DocScan because it’s user-friendly and packages images in a high-quality PDF or JPG format.

5. Wunderlist

Because you can’t take your post-it notes with you, a digitized to-do list is a convenient way to remember important information. Wunderlist lets you plan for anything – big or small. You can set reminders and due dates, plus share your lists with others.

6. LinkedIn

We recommend the LinkedIn app because it gives you a heads up on the individuals you will be meeting or working with. Before getting on that conference call, refresh yourself on the background and skills of the people you’re talking to.

7. Twitter

We also recommend downloading the Twitter app to keep on top of conferences, workshops, industry news, competitors, and more. No other social media channel offers the real-time, conversational posts that Twitter does, making it a fast and easy way to keep up with your field.

8. Pocket

How many times do you come across an article that you want to read but don’t have time for? Pocket is the app for you! It lets you bookmark or “pocket” the article for later. The interface is clean and simplified, so you can easily reach back into your “pocket” when you’re ready to dig into an article.

9. 30/30

We love the 30/30 app because it helps us stay on task and feel less overwhelmed. 30/30 breaks down tasks into 30-minute intervals. As you organize your day, visualize what you can get done in 30 minutes and avoid the wrath of procrastination.

10. QuickVoice

QuickVoice is a handy iPhone app that lets you record meetings, conferences and other important sessions. If you’re attending an event and you want to sit, listen and enjoy without note taking, this is a great app to have. Plus, it records everything so you don’t have to guess later about what was said.

Do you have any favorite apps that keep you productive and focused?