In the last decade, successful businesses have developed new marketing techniques that allow them to harness the power of social media. A social marketing company can reach more potential customers than businesses who rely on outdated marketing strategies. Here are ten quick strategies to help any business owner market their company on Facebook.

1. Spread The Word

Marketers should make sure that customers know about their company’s Facebook page. Include Facebook and other social media information on receipts, brochures, and business mailings.

2. Share Photos

While a text only status update can be easily overlooked, a photo will capture a fan’s attention. Post interesting photos and other visuals to keep customers interested.

3. Ask Questions And Post Polls

Questions and polls help spark discussion and encourage fans to engage with a business ‘ page.

4. Connect With Other Local Companies

Instead of viewing other local businesses as competitors, consider forging an alliance. Connect with other local companies on Facebook and develop a mutually beneficial marketing campaign. Many individuals are passionate about supporting local businesses, and a group of local businesses can host events that generate publicity and increase community support.

5. Offer Special Discounts And Coupons

Companies should give customers a compelling reason to their page by offering discounts and coupons to fans. Special offers are often sent to friends and family members, increasing a company’s marketing reach.

6. Respond To Customer Feedback

While many business owners and managers do set up social media sites, not every Facebook marketing company takes full advantage of social media. Far too many businesses set up a page for their organization, but never really promote their service or interact with potential customers who post on their page. A business should respond to all feedback posted on its page so that customers know that their opinions are taken seriously.

7. Post Regularly

Marketing experts encourage companies to update their social media profiles at least twice a week.

8. Consider Developing An App

Developing an application that entertains fans while promoting a company ‘s brand can give a business a serious edge over its competitors.

9. Use Humor

Although businesses should strive to remain professional, humor can be an effective way to engage customers. Not every post needs to be serious. Customers should enjoy following a business’ page.

10. Read The Fine Print Before Posting

Violating Facebook’s terms of service can cause a page to be shut down, which certainly damages a company’s brand. Facebook updates its terms of service frequently, so business owners should make sure that they fully understand Facebook’s marketing regulations.