A New Jersey SEO company is familiar with Google’s constantly changing algorithms, which is adapting more to the needs and desires of users. Site owners want traffic, largely determined by page rankings. Rankings are determined by a number of factors, but there are a few that stand out as the most important, from an SEO company in NJ.

1. Authority
One of the greatest factors is site authority. To rank high, your site must demonstrate a knowledgeable authority in your niche. High-ranking websites are widely known and trusted for their knowledge in certain matters.

2. Social Media
Social media is a good measure of how well your site is doing. If people find your site interesting or helpful, often they share it with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. Google looks at these shares and bases your rankings from that.

3. Keywords
SEO is not a new thing. Aside from body text however, search engines look at headlines and title tags for your pages to determine what your site is about. If a keyword isn’t included in these areas, your page has a lesser chance of ranking for your desired keyword.

4. First Publisher for a Story
Everyone likes to get “the scoop. ” Turns out, Google likes the same thing and will take notice.

5. Unique Articles
Getting the scoop can apply to quality and individuality as well. Give your visitors quality content and be sure that you’re one of the few that carries it.

6. Popularity
How far is your reach? When other sites start linking to yours, Google will pay attention. If the linking sites are themselves high quality with good rankings, Google will reward you accordingly.

7. Quality Content
Readability is a must. The quality of your site and its subsequent ranking is not only determined by Google’s algorithms, but may randomly be subjected to a manual review by Google’s quality control team!

8. Domain Authority
Your authority must be established not only in content, but also in your domain. This includes your SEO keywords, inbound links, and others.

9. Local Proximity
Google now looks at local addresses of businesses and webpages to give users the most relevant search results. This makes it even more important to slate your business for the local market. Search for an SEO company in NJ and that’s what you’ll get.

10. Site Speed
People are naturally impatient and Google knows this. Your site’s “Google points ” can get docked if your load time is slow, which is often affected by things such as heavy multimedia elements or coding errors.